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Beating Winter Blues Part 2: Fun Indoor Winter Activities

Staying home and snuggling up to watch a movie is one of the joys of winter, but it can only take you so far. Eventually, you need to get moving to get happy.

The great news is that there are now more choices than ever. You can still hit the treadmill or lift weights, but there are also a slew of new classes that will boost both your body and your spirits.

Healthy Things to Do in the Winter Inside

You may not love the idea of bundling up and heading out, but you also know that you’ll feel great once you do. Here are a half dozen indoor pursuits to help you beat the winter blues.

• Yoga’s been around for a while—since the Vedic Period, actually. But it’s never been as popular or widely practiced as it is today. You’ll find it at your gym, of course, but perhaps also at your library, community center or place of employment. You can also practice in your own home thanks to apps like YogaGlo.
Orangetheory Fitness is a new concept that’s swept the nation quickly. These studios offer guided one-hour workouts that have you hopping from weights to a treadmill to suspension training—and more. The workout is different every time, but the concept is the same: to get you in your ideal fat-burning zone.
• Pilates is a great way to tone your whole body and built core strength. Like yoga, it also improves balance and flexibility. Many people also say that the focus is requires offers a mental break from the worries of the day. You’ll find Pilates at most gyms, but you can also try it on your own with the help of exercise videos, YouTube, apps and online programs like Pilates Anytime.
• If you think trampolines are just for kids (or just for outside) you’re wrong. Indoor trampoline parks like Sky Zone have locations across the country and most offer fitness classes for adults that allow you to burn major calories while also having a great time.
• Feeling good is not always about fitness. Meditation offers a way to both relax and reenergize—and dedicated meditation studios are beginning to pop up in places like California and New York City. Apps like Calm make it easy to meditate whenever and wherever you like.
• You can’t beat a bike ride in the sunshine or through the mountains, but spinning offers the next best thing in the winter months. You’ll find spinning classes at your local gym, as well as at dedicated spinning studios. Prefer to ride at home? Peleton bikes offer both live-streaming and on-demand classes on a 22-inch screen that comes with the bike. Getting active is just one way to make it through winter with a smile on your face. Check out part one in our series: How to Beat the Winter Blues by Decluttering.

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