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Why Shop at Mom and Pop Stores vs. Big Chains

Imagine walking into a department store of the mall to buy a handbag. You’re surrounded by dozens of people and not a single person welcomes you. You’ve found the handbag you like, but it’s not in the color you want. You try to ask an employee for help, but it takes you several minutes to find someone and then even longer for them to check on your request.

Now, imagine that same scenario but in a boutique or mom and pop shop. When you walk into the store, you’re greeted warmly by the owner and asked if you need any assistance finding what you’re looking for. The owner then points out a handbag that just came in—and looks like your style. You like it, but would rather have it in another color. Turns out, the bag does come in tan, and the owner orders it for you.

That’s the kind of experience you’ll find at a mom and pop retailer—and not at the chain store or mall down the road.

Benefits of Mom and Pop Businesses

It’s not that malls or chain stores are bad. On the contrary, they provide goods and services people are looking for. But if you prefer a more personalized experience, mom and pop shops are just what you’re looking for.

Mom and pop businesses are able to offer a level of customer service you won’t find at big box retailers. This isn’t just business; it’s a relationship. Come in often enough and that means the owner will likely know your name. He or she will also likely remember your specific tastes.

If it’s a clothing store, the owner will probably pull double duty as a personal stylist, helping you select pieces that work for your look, shape, and budget. If it’s a wine shop, the owner can help you find the right pairings for your next party. If it’s a book shop, the owner can steer you toward your next great read.

But the benefits of mom and pop shops extend beyond that. Such stores are more likely to get involved in the community by sponsoring Little League teams and supporting school fundraisers.

What’s more, think about how you want your community to feel. Isn’t it nice to have little shops and cafes in your downtown? It creates character and adds charm, which is just one more reason to support local businesses!

Mom and Pop Shop Benefits and StorageMart

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