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New and Improved Tells the Story at Lincoln Storage Sites

StorageMart’s new Lincoln storage facilities from left; 6101 Cornhusker Hwy and 2701 W O Street.

Like all rental property, self storage units need constant maintenance to continue to deliver quality service. Two Lincoln storage facilities are new to the StorageMart family and recently completed upgrades to keep pleasing customers. “It’s all about ‘easy, clean, service’,” said Weyen Burnam, Vice President of Development and Acquisition at StorageMart. “And these improvements will make sure our customers continue to enjoy their self storage experience with us.”

So what’s new at StorageMart at 2701 West O Street and 6101 Cornhusker Hwy?


New lighting

There’s more lighting and better lighting on the property. “A brighter space is easier to work in and makes moving a less dreary experience. LED lighting is good for the environment and a timesaver. Energy consumption is far less than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and LEDs last a lot longer,” said Burnam. “Instead of changing bulbs, our managers can have that much more time for our customers.”


Improved Parking Lot

“The old lot has been regraded and we’ve made the lot more accessible,” said Burnam. “We were able to increase the number of outdoor parking spaces from 40 to 50, as well as increasing the width of each space.” Standard car spaces are now 10 feet wide, while RV spots are 12 feet wide.


New Office

A new office provides more efficient use of space, making it easier for several customers to be helped at the same time. Training for the new staff ensures that new customers can check in quicker and current customers can talk to the manager fast at both Lincoln storage locations.


Upgraded Video Cameras

“Better cameras provide better images, especially at night. It’s comforting for our customers knowing that our high-resolution cameras operate 24/7. There’s the deterrent value they offer, and they also help resolve problems in an objective manner,” Burnam said.


Upgraded PIN pads

An improved access pad makes sure that only current customers can access the property.

Though there will be more improvements in the future, feel free to send us your suggestions. “There’s only one thing we want to do at StorageMart today,” said Burnam, “and that’s make it a better place for our customers tomorrow.”