Better Business Bureau Profile: StorageMart

    It's my pleasure to announce that The Better Business Bureau has noticed the pioneering work my team at StorageMart and I have been doing in the self-storage industry, and we've been selected as candidates for their annual TORCH award. Please click here to read the profile in full and learn more. The Better Business Bureau writes these business profiles as a part of the TORCH award process, the aim of which is, according to the BBB’s website, “[to] recognize companies and charities that are committed to exceptional standards for ethical business practices and service to their customers, employees, suppliers, and communities.”

    Providing exceptional standards of service for every customer has always been my priority here at StorageMart. In fact, one of the ways in which we’ve re-imagined how we interact with customers is the way we innovated the signup process; as detailed in the Better Business Bureau article, we revolutionized the process of tedious paperwork by going digital. In the modern age, most folks don’t have time to sign legal papers for an hour. So, we cater to that. We’ve made it so that you can take care of that stuff from home, and I think that customer-oriented attitude is something we’re all extremely proud of. On the other end of the spectrum of customer service is actually keeping our ears to the ground and listening when customers speak.

    This is another area in which I believe we’ve developed a strong culture and a strong capacity for reaching out to our customers in meaningful ways. A sense of tact and empathy is necessary when responding to internet reviews, because our customers are often experiencing very climactic or tumultuous stages in their lives and we want to make sure that they know we’ve got them covered no matter what their individual needs are. When we've done things right, a positive review is the reassuring pat on the back that inspires us to continue, and when we get a negative review, it's always an eye-opener to reveal where we have gone wrong and how we can get back on track. At the end of the day, our primary focus is always to make things right, and we approach every review and every customer interaction that way.

    About Heather Gerling

    Heather is the SEO Manager at StorageMart, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with honors from Lincoln University. She strongly believes you should never leave home without a book, and admits to having a coffee addiction.

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