How We’re Striving to be an Environmentally Friendly Company

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People know us as an easy, clean, service-oriented self storage company that offers reliable solutions for home owners, renters, businesses, and anyone who simply needs more space to live, work, or play. While we’re certainly proud of our reputation, there’s a lot more to our brand promise than the hundreds of well-lit, clean storage units we proudly offer to customers in three countries. What you might not know is that we’re also working hard to be an environmentally friendly company. In this post, we’ll share some of our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and clean up the communities we call home.

In with the Old, Out with the New

How our self storage locations look—inside and out—is important to us because we want every customer to feel comfortable and welcome when they visit. But, that doesn’t mean we always build brand new constructions when adding additional locations. In fact, we often look for old, abandoned, commercial or industrial properties that we can repurpose into StorageMart locations. When these types of buildings sit unused for extended periods of time, they start to look run down and desolate. This lowers property value, invites crime, and hurts nearby businesses as people choose to shop elsewhere. So, if it makes sense for us to reclaim these properties and convert them into self storage facilities, we frequently choose this option over building new.

Catching and Converting Sunrays into Energy

Did you know that the United States produces enough solar energy capacity to power 5.7 million average American homes? And, as solar power continues to become more affordable, this trend is expected to keep on growing. At StorageMart not only are we part of the trend, we’re one of the largest providers of renewable energy within the self storage industry. That’s because we’ve installed solar panels on the roofs of many of our properties, helping to create energy without increasing the size of our carbon footprint.

Making a Positive Difference Together

When you choose to rent a self storage unit with us, you’re supporting our ongoing initiatives to be a more environmentally friendly company. Together, we believe we can make a positive difference that makes the world a better place to live for future generations. Learn more about our self storage solutions, or reserve a unit near you today.

About Sarah Little

Sarah Little, Marketing Director at StorageMart, holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. She serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Central Missouri Foster Care & Adoption Association, a non-profit group dedicated to improving the lives of children.

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