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Have you ever looked at the antiques in your home and wondered where they came from?  Who owned them before you?  Have you ever been curious about a family heirloom?  What was life like for the ancestors who owned it generations before you were born?

Wonder no longer.  Noted psychic author and media personality Joyce Keller will be visiting our Kansas City-area stores to provide FREE psychic readings of antiques, heirlooms and artifacts as part of “The Storage Medium, a brand new web-based series.

Host of America’s longest running, live radio show for the body, mind and spirit, Joyce Keller has also been a blogger on the topics of love, romance, life, astrology and ESP for the Lifetime TV Network’s official website.  She is also a certified hypno-therapist who has helped thousands of people overcome a variety of personal issues.

Now she’ll be on hand at our stores in Kansas City to provide histories on your most prized possessions.  Prepare to be astounded as Joyce leads you down a cosmic path, providing insights into the history of your item and the people to whom it belonged in the past.

It’s a little bit “Storage Wars”, it’s a little bit “Antiques Roadshow” and it throws in a measure of “Long Island Medium” to boot.  “The Storage Medium” is sure to become an online sensation and it could all begin with you.

Joyce will be on site to provide FREE psychic readings July 26th and 27th.  Film segments will be by appointment only.  Appointments are being taken right now and space is limited.  Make your appointment online today, or run the risk of being left out tomorrow.

For more information on the fascinating life and career of Joyce Keller, please visit www.joycekeller.com.

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