Kansas City Royals Rally Shuts Down Business For A Day

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Cancelled classes, missed work, cars abandoned along the highway, fans standing in swarms over 2.3 mile long and an estimated 800,000 people. This was the atmosphere on Tuesday around Union Station in downtown Kansas City, when after 30 years of waiting, the fans of the Kansas City Royals once again welcomed the Commissioner’s Trophy to their town with their World Series winning rally parade.

The Royals clinched the title in extra innings in New York against the Mets, but the real celebration began on Tuesday when they celebrated in Kansas City with their fans who began lining up early in the morning to see their team celebrate their victory on their own field. The scene downtown was a literal sea of blue as families brought their children to celebrate the same way they did back in ’85 and once again, flood the streets in Royals colors to see another World Series parade pass by.

Royals rally
Royals fans covered every square inch of space along the parade path and
in front of StorageMart

Photo Credit: Kansas City Star

“Best fans in the world! Best Team in the world! Best city in the world!” screamed Kansas City Mayor Sly James. “This team is like our city. We. Never. Quit.”
Pictured below is a portion of the parade route and the crowd of enthusiastic Kansas City Royals fans eagerly waiting to see the Royals pass by the StorageMart located at 1720 Grand Blvd.

Go Royals! Congratulations on an epic win!

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