Man Aims to Collect Every VHS Copy of "Speed"

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Often times in news, sports or pop culture, we’ll hear a story referred to as being something “straight out of Hollywood.”  There may be no more apt fit for that expression than the following story.

In the self storage business, we encounter many people who rent storage to help facilitate a collection of some sort.  Vintage cars, antiques, art, we’ve seen just about everything.  Just about…

As reported on “Vice”, Ryan Beitz is pursuing a collection unlike any other.  His goal is to accumulate as many copies of the 1994 blockbuster film “Speed” as he can, and he wants them on VHS cassette.

The World Speed Project began with Ryan walking into a Seattle pawnshop, strapped for cash but needing Christmas gifts for his family, and finding six copies of the Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock starring tale of a group of citizens trapped on a moving bus by the bomb set to go off should they try to slow down.  Like the stars of the film, Ryan picked up the pace from there.  Another pawnshop offered to sell him all 30 of their copies of the film at just 11 cents a pop and an obsession was born.

Ryan now owns more than 550 VHS copies of “Speed” along with a couple of dozen copies on laser disc (Anyone still own a laser disc player?).  He keeps many of them in a 15-passenger van he hopes to one day have converted to look like the bus which careened down Los Angeles area freeways with Sandra Bullock behind the wheel.

Mr. Beitz and his collection reside in the Moscow, Idaho area, where we unfortunately do not maintain any self storage properties, but we’d like to extend an invite to Ryan at this time.  Ryan, if you do ever move your unique library to a city where we do business, we’ll set you up with something nice for the collection.

In the meantime, your collection doesn’t need to be as singularly distinctive as Ryan’s for it to need a place to go.  Self storage is a perfect home away from home for whatever you collect.  Dedicating a spot specifically for your own obsession allows for you to more easily maintain inventory, maintenance and upkeep without taking up valuable space in your home.  Climate-controlled storage will help keep your collection from the extreme levels of heat and humidity you may feel outside your storage unit’s walls.  This is an important consideration to make, particularly if you live in an area which sees a wide spectrum of weather patterns or you’re storing items particularly prone to changes in the atmosphere.

Your collection doesn’t have to make sense to others to make sense for you and make you happy. Use StorageMart to stock up on every garage sale, pawnshop or flea market and it will be just another opportunity for you to find more treasures for your collection.

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