The Storage Medium ™ Official Trailer (VIDEO)

    Why are you drawn to an object?

    Have you ever experienced Déjà vu? Ever sensed something that didn’t appear to be there? Ever believed you possessed a sixth sense? In short, do think you might be psychic? Maybe you are. Maybe all your life you’ve been drawn to objects for reasons even you can’t completely understand or explain. Gain greater insight with The Storage Medium™.

    Famed psychic author and media personality Joyce Keller hosts America’s longest running, live radio show for the body, mind and spirit. She’s been a blogger on the topics of love, romance, life, astrology and extra sensory perception for the Lifetime TV Network’s official website and is a certified hypno-therapist who has helped thousands of people overcome a variety of personal issues. She is now also the star of the new web series “The Storage Medium™.”

    As “The Storage Medium™” Joyce will perform feats of psychometry, the divining of facts concerning an object or its owner through contact with or proximity to the object. Many practitioners of, and believers in, extra-sensory perception believe inanimate objects will hold the energy of their past owners and/or the environments in which they existed and those capable of reading that energy can interpret it to reveal specific knowledge of the object’s history.

    While mainly existing in the realms of pop culture and spiritualism these days, psychics of the past (and occasionally even today) were often employed by law enforcement agencies to help solve crimes. Joyce Keller won’t be catching any bad guys, but she will put her skills to use in unraveling mysteries.

    “Pyschometry can be very difficult because it’s so layered,” Keller said. “By that I mean a person can ask me to read a piece of jewelry they are wearing, but it really belonged to their grandmother. What I try to do is straddle the line between the seen and the unseen. I use the energy or vibrations contained within an object and hopefully combine those impressions with what I’m feeling from the person who owns the object.”

    Joyce will also put her mystical versatility on display by combining the varying disciplines of metaphysics and extra-sensory perception to help make sense of the layers of energy she reads from an object. “Birth dates are important as they are the one thing about a person’s true essence that cannot be changed,” Keller said. “By asking for a person’s birthday I can zero in on them with a combination of astrology and psychotherapy.”

    Initial webisodes of “The Storage Medium™” will feature Joyce reading the histories of objects including what may have been a sea captain’s desk, eyeglasses, books, tools and even an old pair of sneakers.

    “The Storage Medium™” was filmed on location at StorageMart self storage facilities. The show will make its debut on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 on the official StorageMart blog ( Subsequent episodes will air Tuesday, February 4 and Tuesday, February 11.

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