The Storage Medium: 'Your Father's Sneakers' (episode 1)

    The Storage Medium™ - Debut Episode

    Everyone at one time or another has found themselves drawn to an object for reasons they can’t completely explain or even understand themselves. Those keepsakes may be speaking a language that reaches us on an unconscious level but only few are able to put into words. Your stuff has secrets and Joyce Keller is ready to help you unlock the door between you and those secrets. She is The Storage Medium™.

    This is the premiere episode of what is sure to become the internet’s hottest psychometrically-themed show, The Storage Medium™. In it noted hypno-therapist and psychic author/TV personality Joyce Keller will take us on our first steps toward unlocking the energy that can exist in inanimate objects.

    Our first guest is Lisa, who brought a number of items belonging to her late father. Joyce immediately picks up on the energy of Lisa’s father living both within her and the physical items he left behind. She’s drawn in particular to an old hammer, noting Lisa’s father loved working with his hands but with his sense of humor he’d tell you he mainly used it on stubborn people.

    Lisa also brought in pilot’s log books which belonged to her grandfather, from which Joyce read the energy of both Lisa’s grandfather and her father. She also brought gloves, a purse, a cookbook and eyeglasses belong to her great aunt. Joyce immediately picked up that her aunt wouldn’t enjoy knowing tape was holding her glasses together now and would prefer Lisa try out more recipes from the cookbook she used for so many years.

    For the most part this episode became less about revealing any actual, verifiable facts about the history of the objects and more about drawing out the feelings Lisa still holds for those close to her who have passed on.

    So in the end Lisa perhaps didn’t learn the answers to as many who/what/when/where type questions about the objects she brought to The Storage Medium™ as she might have expected, but rather was taken down a path which led her back to beloved relatives. She was particularly touched learning just how closely her father still watches over her every day and pretty good-natured when Joyce was apparently picking up a wrong signal from one item or another.

    Stay tuned in over the coming weeks for more exhibitions of Joyce Keller’s psychometric skills as The Storage Medium™.

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