The Storage Medium: 'A Sailor's Repose' (episode 2)

    In this week’s episode of The Storage Medium™ we met Teri. Teri came to us seeking information about a small wooden desk she had acquired several years prior. Joyce Keller, the Storage Medium herself, has often noted the capacity wooden items have for retaining the energy from the people who owned them. What was she able to see in Teri’s desk?

    The first thing Joyce noticed immediately was Teri’s own innate psychic ability. This was something Teri herself confirmed as she noted the objects she buys for her home as those which most closely speak to her. In addition to the energy of the person to whom her desk once belonged, Teri also brought with her the energy of several loved ones who have passed on before her. Would that qualify her for the car-pool lane?

    When it came to the desk itself, Joyce sensed its past owner was a bit of a drinker (the drink rings on top of the desk may have hinted at that as well). The man was a sea captain who would often stand at the desk, sipping on his whiskey while meditating on the day’s events. He received nothing for the desk when it left his possession, but Joyce feels he’s pleased now that is belongs to someone with whom it shares as deep a connection as it did for him. Everyone likes hearing they’ve pleased someone in the spirit world, right?

    Joyce also noted the Captain would have probable preferred his desk remain closer to the water he loved, but unfortunately she couldn’t see any water around her. Luckily Teri doesn’t live at any of our StorageMart locations, so hopefully she and her desk are more conveniently located to some flowing water.

    As a quick aside, if you own any wooden furniture you need to put into storage, you should consider a climate controlled storage unit. Wooden furniture can be very susceptible to warping if kept in a more humid environment, while extreme levels of hot or cold temperatures could cause the wood to crack.

    No doubt Teri will treasure her desk now that she’s learned its aesthetic value is matched by a much deeper spiritual significance.

    That’s it for the latest episode of The Storage Medium™. Tune in next week to find out what other secrets, stories, feelings and energies of those who have passed on before us may remain on this Earth in the things they left behind.

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