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New Office Design Trends for 2019

Your office décor has a lot to accomplish.

Ideally, you want it to promote communication and creativity. It also has to energize and recharge your employees, when necessary. But you also need it to help you attract—and retain—top talent.

6 Office Design Ideas

Unless you’re Google or Amazon, you probably don’t have millions of dollars to commit to your office space. The good news is that you don’t need it. Small changes can make a big difference. Here are a half dozen ideas to consider adding in your office space.

Bring the Outdoors In

Happier employees are better employees—and one of the best ways to boost happiness is to foster a connection with the outside world.

If possible, make sure there are at least a few windows that everyone has access to (not just top execs in private offices). Add a living wall of plants or even just a few potted trees or plants. Use LED lighting instead of fluorescent bulbs. Finally, consider materials like natural wood tables or cork flooring.

Embrace Color

We used to think that offices had to be very serious places, and that only white, tan, or gray walls were appropriate.

These days, you’re likely to see pops of color used strategically throughout an office to foster creativity, collaboration, or focus. The 2019 Pantone Color of the Year, for example, is Living Coral. It’s described as “social and spirited” and would be ideal for an office lounge area.

Recharge Your Employees

We all hit energy slumps during the day. Do you want your employees to waste an hour trying to fight through theirs—or would you rather they get up and play a 10-minute game of ping pong that re-energizes them for the rest of the day?

That’s one of the advantages of offering spaces such as game rooms, meditation/yoga studios, or even cafes. By allowing your employees to take mini breaks (and giving then a place to do it), you’ll end up with happier, more productive employees.

Be Flexible

Think about all of the different tasks the average person does throughout their work days. The morning might be spent writing a proposal, while the afternoon might require collaborating with another person. The day might wrap up with busy work.

Now think of your office space. Is it all cubicles, with only one meeting room? Now imagine that your employee could get her writing done in her cubicle, then meet her co-worker in a semi-private booth. Her end-of-the-day busy work could be done in your lounge area while sipping a cappuccino.

Be Transparent

The large corner office has long been a symbol of success, but today’s leaders are finding that it’s better if employees view the boss as approachable—and part of the team. One of the ways to accomplish that is through glass walls or by positioning your office in the center of the action—and keeping your door open as much as possible.

Tell Your Story

You should be proud of the business you built—and it should show through your office space. Incorporate the colors of your logo throughout your office. Hang framed testimonials from happy clients. Display awards you’ve won. You might even consider featuring your mission statement on a wall, or words that represent your company’s values.

The bottom line? This is your business and your office. Forget about “the rules” and take advantage of the opportunity you have to create a vibrant space that works for both you and your employees.

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