Open Books Charity Benefits from Climate Control Storage Tips

If you’re storing books, climate control storage tips will help you keep books in the best shape. But that’s not a problem for one non-for-profit as their books have a habit of flying off the shelves. Open Books has opened minds of young people for the past ten years in Chicago through their passion for reading and writing.

In 10 years, Open Books has worked directly with tens of thousands of students and reached hundreds of thousands through book grant programs, community events, and literacy partnerships. Last year, they gave away 97,100 books and served 4,742 students through their reading and writing programs.

StorageMart has donated nearly $3,500 to the group through a national self storage program called Charity Storage. As a founder of Charity Storage, StorageMart collects gently used goods which are sold at public auctions. 100% of the proceeds go to charity and we’re pleased to partner with Open Books.

Chicago residents can also donate books at drop boxes at StorageMart locations at 5979 Butterfield Rd. in Hillside and 2727 Shermer Rd. in Northbrook.

The real story is in the students’ stories and the difference that Open Books makes in the lives of the children they serve. Just read these third-graders’ thoughts for yourself!

“You were very nice to give us all these books! Thank you very much! This will help us very much with practicing some big words and more!…Will you ever give us books again?” Sincerely, Diamond

“Even my MINDSET has changed! I used to not like reading. But now I do! I can’t wait to read YOUR books! Good luck!” Sincerely, Angelika

“Thank you so much for giving our class new books. We were tired of the same books so that was very nice of you to give us more. I’m thankful for all the cool books because books can help you grow. We like reading in class and in the hallway but, sometime we read while our teacher is talking and she tells us to put it up.” Sincerely, Deniya

“Thank you so much for donating all these cool books. I have been to the store before but I did not have any money but now there is no need so thank you for donating so many books!” Sincerely, Sajid


StorageMart will continue to support Open Books’ mission. Here are some climate control storage tips so you can store your books properly in your unit – you might want to donate them someday!

1. Never keep books in a humid spot; mold grows in damp places and will damage them, along with any other paper objects.

2. Don’t wrap books in plastic bags, plastic wrap, or foil, which all encourage mold.

3. If piling books, always start with the widest, not heaviest books on the bottom. This prevents the rolled spines and warped boards.

4. Keep boxes off the floor, so they’re protected in case of leaks or floods. Pallets are an inexpensive option.

5. If you need to access your books often, consider some shelves and make yourself your own library.

6. Shelving books is best, but don’t let them lean against each other as it will damage the spine.

7. Shelve books snugly but not tightly. You should be able to slip an envelope between them without too much effort.

8. Try to avoid storing books in boxes; without any airflow around the books, moisture can build up.

9. Don’t use boxes that were once used for food storage; the odors and residue can attract insects and rodents.

10. For maximum protection, clean your book and cover in bubble wrap to prevent damage if dropped.