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Beating Winter Blues Part 3: Outdoor Winter Activities

Winter can be magical and cozy, but it can also be long. After a while, the short days and cold temperatures start to get you down. Not to mention the fact that you’re sick of shoveling the drive.

Outdoor winter workouts are a great way to turn lemons into lemonade (or maybe snow into snow cones?) Instead of trying to evade winter, you can bundle up and dive in.

And when you do, you’ll likely find all that exercise, fresh air, and sunlight gets you feeling a whole lot better.

Outdoor Exercise Ideas for Winter

Take your run outdoors. There’s nothing quite like an early morning romp through freshly fallen snow. Tip: Invest in a pair of trail-running shoes, which have deeper treads and provide better traction and make sure to get out while the snow is fresh, not icy.

Go downhill fast. January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard month, meaning you’ll find special deals and classes for beginners at resorts across the country. Tip: In addition to skis, many resorts also rent snow pants and helmets for a reasonable fee.

Play with the kids. Yes, you’ll be doing some top-notch parenting by building a snowman and pulling your little ones on a sled, but you’ll also be burning major calories. Tip: Build your snowman in a shady spot, not the middle of the yard.

Hit the ice. Just about every community has a festive outdoor ice rink these days, but if you’re willing to travel, here are 15 of the best rinks in the country. Tip: Buy your own skates. While most rinks are free, they all charge for skate rentals, which can add up quickly. Plus, it’s just so much nicer—and comfier—to have your own pair.

Take a hike. There is something to be said for bug-and-sweat-free hiking. Plus, you’ll likely have the trail all to yourself and can enjoy the solitude and beauty of a snowy day. Tip: Layer up for warmth, including a moisture-wicking base layer, followed by fleece and a wind-protecting outer shell.

Try tubing. Many ski resorts now offer tubing lanes and, if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. Tip: If speed is your thing, go tubing after dark when the lanes turn icy.

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