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How Toy Rotation Can Save You Cash—and Your Sanity

Pure heaven. That’s what it feels like when your little one becomes so engrossed in a toy that you can load the dishwasher, work on your laptop, or read a magazine.

That’s what a new toy can do for you. And that’s why new mothers and fathers have homes that are absolutely overflowing with blocks, puzzles, books, dolls, cars, and goodness knows what else.

There is, however, a better way.

Simple Toy Rotation Ideas

You may think your baby or toddler is the smartest little one in the world (and that’s probably true!) But you can still trick him or her pretty easily at this age. And it’s actually pretty simple.

You pick up all of the toys in the house, including the ones under the bed, in the car, or in your bag. Then, discard or donate any that your child isn’t interested in. Store all of the toys out of sight, except for a carefully selected group your child will play with for the next week (or whatever period of time you deem appropriate.)

Next, take the toys you’re keeping out and display them where your children can see them. By having less toys available, you’ll find that your little one is less overwhelmed. He or she may even begin to use toys in a more imaginative way, instead of just quickly moving on to the next one.

Another idea is to arrange a toy-swap play date every couple of weeks or so. Choose a few friends to participate, agree on a set number of toys, and meet on a regular basis for kids to play while the adults make their exchange.

Some of the major benefits to rotating kids toys include:

• Saving money by not purchasing new toys often
• Creating a clutter-free home and play room for your kids
• Offering them the chance to use their imagination
• Teaching them to respect the toys they have
• Incentivizing them with “new” toys on a regular basis by rotating

Rotating toys isn’t just about saving money (although it can do that), it’s also about teaching your kids to play in a better way—and keeping your home from looking like a toy store hit by a tornado.

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