Disc Locks Are The Key To Storage Units

When someone goes out to rent a storage unit, there are many factors that affect their decision to lease space. Customers want answers before they rent. Is the location close to my home? How much will it cost? Can I move in today? Renting a storage unit is an investment in the preservation of a person’s precious belongings and the one question that is most important to anyone looking to rent storage is simple: Does this feel like a home for my belongings?

Recently, we came across this instructional video on YouTube that has many managers of storage facilities across the US and Canada worried. In the clip, a teenager shows the world how to use a shim fashioned from a soda can in order to pick a combination padlock (they’re the ones you used in high school) in a matter of seconds. For a lot of storage facilities, a padlock is the only thing standing between a thief and a customer’s belongings, and a break in method this simple is surely reason to worry.

The solution? Disc locks.

Disc locks are heavy duty locks in the shape of a disc that are designed to make it impossible for thieves to pick using shims such as the one outlined in the video. Not only are they unbreakable by anything short of a power grinder, they’re cheap too. Currently, combination locks sell for about $7.00 depending on where you buy them, and disc locks run for $12.00. Do the math and that’s a $5.00 difference for what could equate to hundreds of dollars more in peace of mind. StorageMart, a self storage company with over 130 storage facilities throughout the US and Canada sells disc locks at all of its locations and highly encourages their tenants to put one of these heavy duty locks on their unit when they move in despite their extensive camera surveillance systems and gated stores.

Putting a disc lock on your storage unit is the most effective anti theft deterrent. Those with combination locks are encouraged to switch to disc locks.

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