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Tips for Storing, Donating, Selling, or Passing Down Old Toys

If it feels like you’ve been here before, it’s because you have.

Grand parenting is round two—minus all of the responsibility. But there are still a few issues to solve. For example, it seems like every stage of a child’s development comes with about three dozen different toys. If you’re blessed enough to have a handful of grandchildren—or more—that can quickly add up to a whole lot of mess.

But when little Emma is able to walk, does that mean you get rid of her bouncy seat?

The thing is, as grandparents, we’re never quite sure when or if any more little ones will be coming along. Until we are, it’s smart to hold onto some things.

The only question is, where to put them all?

Self Storage for Toys

If you’ve got grandchildren with a big age difference, self storage units can offer a great solution, especially if your home is short on closet or basement space. After all, you don’t want to be reinventing the wheel with each new grandchild.

If your grandchildren spend the night, the same goes for things like cribs and highchairs, which can be easily tucked away in a storage unit until the next baby comes along in the family.

Selling Old Toys

Once you know that your grandchildren won’t use them anymore, it’s time to start thinking about either a garage sale or eBay. You can list something to sell on eBay in about five minutes. Just be sure to charge enough for shipping to cover your costs.

Donating Old Toys

It’s easier than ever to donate things these days as many places, like Goodwill, offer drive-thru drop offs—and some places will even pick up from your home. What’s more, you’ll know your toys are going to good use. Just don’t forget to get a receipt so that you can claim the donation when you do your taxes.

Passing Down Old Toys

Some toys are just too special too give away or sell. That could include American Girl dolls, wooden train sets, or even favorite books. At the same time, your grandchildren may be in college or living in an apartment and not ready for the box of memories you have packed away for them. This is another case where a self storage unit could come in handy.

Self Storage Units Near You

If you’re looking to organize the toys that you do have at your home, check out these toy storage ideas.

But sometimes, you just need to clear some of the clutter from your house. At StorageMart, you can rent a unit as small as 25 square feet or so—or up to the size of a garage. We offer affordable self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis and are always clean and well lit. Need more info? Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.