StorageMart Superhero: Matt Andrews

Last February, it snowed in Canada. A lot. More than one property manager spent a fair amount of time shoveling snow this past winter. The stories coming in from our stores gave me a whole new appreciation for the everyday superheroes throughout our company.

On February 13th, after one of the many big snowstorms of the year, one of our long-term customers at the location on Westney Rd S. in Ajax came to his unit to get supplies to start his workday. The plows hadn’t been out yet, but he was pretty sure he could make it to his unit with his work van, and he did… but he also got stuck in several feet of snow. When store staff came across the customer, he’d already been trying for an hour to get his van out, with no luck.

The property manager, Matt Andrews, worked tirelessly to help him.  He shoveled, he pushed, he tried salt, gravel, plywood… but the van would not budge. After almost two hours of trying to dig the van out, the regional manager called the maintenance manager, who came out with a large truck and chains to drag the van out.

Like so many of our property managers, Matt’s willingness to do whatever’s needed to help a customer is one of the things I most love about StorageMart. I recently caught up with Matt, who’s been with StorageMart for about a year and a half now, and asked him to tell me a bit more about himself. Here’s what he had to say.

SM: Have you always worked at this location?

Matt: Yes, I also work at store 3034 Oshawa

SM: Tell us about a typical day for you.

Matt: Start the day off like a zombie until the first cup of coffee. Come to work and perform the opening duties, do a patrol of the property. Be on hand to answer and help our customers current and new. Do little jobs as needed. Close the store and head for home where I do more little jobs as needed.

SM: Tell us about a time you were able to help a customer when you felt went above and beyond.

Matt:  I treat every customer the same and do whatever I can for them, however aside from the nomination story I noticed a customer Beth Bolter was moving items in the heat and did not look well. I made her rest and brought her some cold water, and helped by moving some of the heavier items for her. Found out she was recovering from a heart issue and she was appreciative. I don’t consider this as going above and beyond though

SM: What is the consistent highlight of your day? Workday highlight? Off-work highlight?

Matt:  Interacting with customers and co-workers

SM: What’s something you couldn’t live without?

Matt: Family, I feel I can do anything with them at my side

SM: Name a person that has changed your life in a positive way? What did they do for you to make you feel that way about them?

Matt: Mr. Zacharias, my 5th grade teacher, taught us that we can achieve our dreams and never give up.

SM: If you could give the special people in your life a gift what would that gift be?

Matt: Love and happiness, they are the greatest gifts anyone can give.

SM: You work hard, what does a relaxing day off look like for you?

Matt: Starts with a good breakfast, a nice relaxing morning then some drawing/painting while listening to music. Some tv in the evening.

SM: Cake or pie?

Matt: Cake, strawberry shortcake to be specific

SM: What’s something you’d like to learn or take on as a hobby?

Matt: Wood carving

SM: Do you like sports? Which are your favorites? Do you play any?

Matt: Yes, hockey is my favorite and what I play. I also played football in high school

SM: Are you happiest on country roads or living the big city life?

Matt: Country roads for sure

SM: We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Matt as much as we have! If you need self storage in Ajax, ON, stop by and ask Matt to help you out. Whether it’s bringing a cold glass of water to a weary customer or shoveling a few feet of snow, Matt’s always happy to do what he can to make the day a little brighter for his customers.