The Renter’s Guide to Self Storage

Any company that offers consumer products knows that in order to be successful, they must reach their target audience – the group of people who will most benefit from that company’s services. As a self storage provider, we know our services are an excellent fit for those who have either small homes or are renting, as most renters live in 1 or 2 bedroom apartments and might need some extra space if they do not have access to a garage. Self storage is an affordable solution to keeping an apartment, duplex, or small family home free of clutter.

Save Space with Self Storage

One of the best reasons to rent a storage unit is for the space-saving benefits you get as an apartment renter. Apartment tenants don’t generally have garages or sheds, therefore a storage unit is a great way to store those extra items that you may not have space to keep in your living area. This helps declutter your home and make you more comfortable with the items you choose to keep in your space. It also gives you options when you decide to upsize or downsize, allowing you to keep your belongings regardless of the size of your home.

Storage Rental for Seasonal Organization

Seasonal storage makes a lot of sense for apartment or duplex renters, especially if you like to go all out for the holidays. Storing holiday decorations where they are easily accessible but out of the way keeps your living space simple and decluttered. When the holidays roll around, simply pull your supplies from storage, enjoy time with your friends and family, then put it back in storage afterwards.

This also works well if you have children in your home. Sports equipment, bicycles or tricycles, pools, or other toys that are used frequently in the spring and summer can be stored until the warm months, then retrieved and used during the season. Winter equipment like skis and sleds can be swapped out with the summer gear as the cold season rolls in.

Whether you’re saving space by using storage to declutter your apartment, or storing your seasonal decorations, a self storage unit can be a beneficial investment if you’re a renter. Check out this guide on how to pack a self storage unit, and if you’re ready, rent storage online.