How to Get Rid of Clutter Fast

Everyone wants a beautiful and clutter-free house.

But the problem is that we also want to make dinner, visit our parents, answer emails, help our kids with homework, pay bills, get at least a little exercise, and floss our teeth.

It’s easy to see how decluttering so often takes a back seat. The thing is, you don’t need to take time off of work to get it done. You can declutter fast—and we’ll show you how.

3 Steps to Getting Rid of Clutter

It should come as no surprise that StorageMart President Cris Burnam is also something of a clutter expert. Here is his super-easy 3-step plan for getting your home—and your peace of mind—back.

The simplest way to do this is to classify everything in your home into three categories:

Things You Need and Frequently Use

This is the category that you’re probably going to lump most of your stuff into, but don’t move too fast. Take a long look at each item and ask yourself how often you actually use it (not how often you wish you used it.) When is the last time you wore those acid-washed jeans? How often do you really use your juicer? Sure, you’d like to burn some calories on your exercise bike, but do you? Sort out those items that are truly necessary and then dedicate time to actually organizing them.

Things You Need and Infrequently Use

Camping gear. Holiday decorations. Your comic book collection (of course you need that.) These are all examples of items that you use, but not all that often. If you have plenty of storage space, you’re all set. It’s when storage is tight that we run into clutter problems. (More on that dilemma in a minute).

Things You Don’t Need—and Probably Never Will

Many of us hold onto items because it feels wasteful to throw them away. Actually, the exact opposite is true. You may keep an itchy wool sweater just because it was expensive. That’s a waste! Instead, you should sell the sweater or donate it so that it ends up actually being used. The same goes for the beadmaker you never use, your old tennis racquet, and that lamp your mother-in-law gave you. Get rid of them—and allow them to be used by someone else.

If you fully commit to organizing your home into these three categories, you’ll quickly find yourself living in clutter-free bliss. Once you’re living the organized life, you might even end up noticing several other benefits, as well.

How to Get Rid of Clutter with StorageMart

If you need help with the “things you need and infrequently use” pile, give us a call. We have room, lots of room! Find a storage unit in your area today or check out our storage unit guide to find the size that’s right for you. You can even rent a unit online today.