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Throwing the Perfect Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl has a way of bringing together people from different walks of life. At any given Super Bowl party, some guests will be football fanatics while others will be casual viewers who pay more attention to the commercial and the half time show than anything that is happening on the actual field. If you’ve decided to throw a Super Bowl party this year, you’ll want to set up a celebration to satisfy each type of partygoer. In order to do so, come up with a solid game day plan:


Stand out to your small crowd – in the technology age we live in, people love getting actual mail that’s not a bill. If your guest list is small, consider sending out actual mailed invitations. Your guest will appreciate the extra special touch.

Don’t be so literal – Creating a social media invite or an emailed invitation is just a few clicks away these days with creative templates that already exist. Consider going with a themed invitation that isn’t just a giant football. Choose complimentary team colors or a food-themed invitations. 


Creating a fun atmosphere in your home for the big game can be exciting. You are setting the mood as people arrive. Spread out the decorations into multiple rooms. Be sure any decorations you place around the television don’t block the view from different vantage points in the room. 

Creating different looks and feels can also help to define the space and keep the party appealing. The color scheme of the teams playing may not look appetizing when placed next to your food or can be distracting when reflected on to the TV screen. 


Consider having a signature drink that can be both made as an alcoholic version and a non-alcoholic version. There are tons of recipes online or on Pinterest for football team named drinks–or get creative and create your own. 

Remember that some people will want to just stick with soda, or water, or beer. Have a variety of options for your guests to choose from so everyone can have fun at the party. 


You will want to enjoy the game and be able to sit and appreciate the atmosphere with your guests. Plan ahead so that you are not in the kitchen. 

Consider looking at renting party supplies if you plan to have hot food. Many rental companies offer daily rates on chafing dishes. Use crock pots that can be kept at a keep warm setting, and ice baths for items that need to be kept at cooler temperatures to maintain food safety. 

Keep in mind that many guests will be grabbing food during commercial breaks or during game delays while a play is under review. Things that can be quickly loaded onto a plate will keep the party flowing.  


In sports terminology, intangibles are qualities athletes or teams have that are tough to define. When you plan your party, you’ll want to make some logistical choices that will likely go unnoticed by your guests but are essential for everyone’s enjoyment. Since the main focus will be on your TV, make sure to provide ample, comfortable seating around it. 

You’ll also want to provide plenty of table space for plates and drinks. Preferably sturdy tables not in the main thoroughfare to reduce spills!

Have additional seating options for people who may not be interested in watching the game, or a special seating section for children with something that could entertain them. Print out some online football-themed coloring pages or check your local dollar store for football puzzles or football action figures that they can enjoy during the game day celebration.

Remember to Have Fun

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you were able to get together with people you care about and hopefully have a few laughs and eat some good food. If all goes well, the team you wanted to win will end up with the W and your party will be hailed as a success. You know sports fans and athletes are superstitious, so your party being the key to victory could mean that you’re now going to have to host next year to keep the lucky steak going for your team. 

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