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The Time Has Come- Moving Diary of Heather

Moving! That’s right I said it. Six little letters that can strike fear into the hearts of grown men, and leave them quivering with dread. It happens to us all at some point in our lives, and for me, that time has come again.

Working at StorageMart has given me great insight into the world of moving, packing, and the benefits of self storage. I am going to blog, video, and journal my moving and packing process and hope that you will follow along in the journey and hopefully pick up some tips and tricks that will be useful for you when it comes time for you to face “The Move.’


Counting the Days

Today is a month and a half before my moving day, and right now it seems like there is plenty of time but life is still running full speed ahead, and I know that if I don’t start now I will be one of “those” people. Oh, you know those people, and you may have helped them move at one time. You show up at their house prepared to help them move and they are still packing and finishing last-minute details. You spend half the day just getting them ready to move before you can actually move the first box.

My goal is to have everything boxed, packed, labeled, and ready to go on the night before I move. That way when my friends and family come to help me I will have done as much prep work as possible and the move will begin as soon as possible. For me moving is the worst part, and unpacking and setting up my own apartment is going to be the fun part. I want to get to that point quickly.


Planning and Packing

Today was all about scheduling. Like I said life doesn’t stop just because you are moving and packing. There are birthday parties for your nephews, your cousin’s wedding shower, holidays with the family, and a million other appointments that you still have to attend.

Now that I have my calendar figured out and appointments set I can move on to step two. Cleaning out my self storage unit and reminding myself what exactly it was that I packed and saved in storage. It should be an interesting day finding long-forgotten items and probably a few boxes of stuff that are no longer needed.

Keep up with my blog journey to find out what is uncovered and how self storage is saving my sanity and the sanity of my family while I move.