Inside StorageMart: Top Storage Unit Finds vol. 1

Sometimes even the most experienced self storage employees are shocked by what customers decide to put in their storage units. From priceless memorabilia to the simply strange, we’re giving you an inside look into the most epic things we’ve come across. 

1. May the Force Be with Your Storage Unit

This epic find comes to us from a StorageMart in Des Moines! A unit thought to be abandoned was on the verge of being cleared out when the owner finally came in. When we asked if there was anything they would have missed, he pulled out a signed poster from Star Wars: A New Hope. According to an online auction site, it could be worth more than two grand in today’s market. No doubt that piece of movie memorabilia would have been very missed indeed!

2. Prehistoric Storage

Imagine our shock a few months ago when we were scrolling through our StorageMart Instagram page and saw a T-Rex skull tagged at one of our storage locations in Kansas City! Mystery was solved when we connected with Bruce Branit, a writer, director, and video effects master who also happens to be a StorageMart customer. We can’t say we ever expected anyone to be storing dinosaur bones with us, but it’s always a treat seeing what different people need storage for! 

3. The Mystery Duffle Bag

An employee at our home office was moving a few items into a storage unit in Columbia, MO when he noticed a group crowded around a few units down. Wondering what they were up to, he walked over and noticed a large duffle bag on the ground. To his surprise, one of the people in the group offered him a hundred bucks if he was able to move the bag. Unable to resist an offer like that, he bent down reached for the bag, and tried with all his might to get it to budge. No luck.

So, what was inside? Upon opening it, he was shocked to discover it was packed to the brim with pennies! A rough estimate would say there were over $350 worth of pennies in the bag, meaning it probably weighed around 200 pounds! How long does it take to save up 35,000 pennies? 

4. All Revved Up with no Place to Go

Our last storage unit find can really burn some rubber. A new hire at one of our storage locations in Lincoln, Nebraska was taking inventory when he realized one of the unclaimed units had a 1985 Chevrolet Corvette inside. Even more shocking – it only had 2,500 miles on the odometer and was in excellent condition!

Not long before the auction was supposed to take place, a family member of the tenant who had since passed away came by to claim the vehicle. This story came to a great ending as he ended up gifting the Corvette to his grandson as a graduation present. Pretty awesome present! 

Stay Tuned for More Epic Self Storage Unit Finds!

Keep an eye out for more storage unit treasures coming your way soon. And as always, whether you’re looking to store your spare dinosaur bones or just need to clear out the spare room – find an available storage unit online today and cross “rent storage” off your to-do list!