The Perfect Toy Storage Cart for Grandparents

It’s wonderful when the grandkids come to visit. Everyone told you that being a grandparent is the best—and it’s true. The only mystery is how such little people make such a big mess.

Crayons. Legos. Books. Dolls. Dinosaurs. Blocks. Puzzles. And this isn’t even their home!

The best part about being a grandparent is that you can have your cake and eat it too. In other words, you can enjoy your darling grandchildren—and have a nice tidy house after they leave.

All you need is the right storage.

Storage Ideas for Toys

The simplest and cheapest solution is to buy a big laundry basket and keep toys in there. Bring it out when the grandkids are over and stuff it back in a closet when they leave. Or, check out The Container Store for these cute canvas storage bins and cubes.

If you like a bit more organization than that, consider this rolling toy cart from Target. It’s affordable, has wheels and has a shelf just for books—because we all know there’s simply nothing better than reading with your favorite little people.

If you’re the crafty sort, you can always make your own storage solution. This Dotty Crate with Drawer is courtesy of Grandma’s Briefs, a fun blog written by a Colorado grandmother of four.

The Art of Toy Rotation

No matter how fun your toy collection is, your grandchildren will get bored of them eventually.

Does that mean you need to buy more toys? Not if you practice the art of toy rotation, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

Chances are, your grandchildren have a house full of toys. If they live in town, stop over once a month and swap out your toys for a new batch. Or, if your friends have grandchildren the same age as yours, you could also rotate toys with them.

Self Storage Units Near You

Sometimes, no matter how clever you are with your storage, clutter just gets the best of you. Maybe you don’t have the closet space you used to. Or maybe you’re holding onto things that you plan to give to your children once they have the space.

Sure, you could just pile things up where you live. But you could also alleviate your space crunch easily—and affordably—by renting a self storage unit.

At StorageMart, you can rent a unit as small as 25 square feet or so—or up to the size of a garage. We offer affordable self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis and are always clean and well lit. Need more info? Check out our storage unit guide or rent a unit online today.