Using Storage Units with Climate Control During Your Deployment

You don’t get to choose when you’re deployed, you just need to be ready. That means you’ll need to find a place for your belongings – and fast. You’ve probably already considered renting a self storage unit while you’re on active duty, but depending on your length of stay or the type of items you want to store, you don’t want just any old unit. So, in this post, we’ll explain the advantages of choosing a storage unit with climate control while serving your country.

Military Storage Units: “Home Base” for Your Stuff

Your HDTV, your stereo, your video game system; you work hard for your stuff. When duty calls, you may need to quickly store delicate items like these in a self storage facility near your military base. If so, you’ve essentially got two options to consider: a standard self storage unit or a storage unit with climate control. Full disclosure – climate controlled self storage units are more expensive to rent. But, given your specific situation, they may be the best option for you in the long run. Here’s why:

Optimal Environment for Sensitive Electronics

Take it from the experts, high humidity is bad news for your gadgets. According to electrical engineer, Steven Crane, humidity can decrease the insulation resistance in capacitors and increase the leakage of current in transistors – two important components found in everything from your PlayStation to your stereo.

Even worse, though, is condensation. As the environment fluctuates from warm and humid to cool and dry, the circuit boards in your devices can become coated in moisture. Over time, the constant formation and evaporation of condensation can lead to corrosion and, ultimately, failure.

Optimal Environment for Furniture & Valuables

Electronics aren’t the only items that may benefit from climate controlled storage facility during your deployment. Furniture, mainly wooden and leather pieces, are highly sensitive to moisture. If not properly protected from the elements, you could come home to a bunch of cracked, rotted, warped, or otherwise useless stuff. In addition to furniture, these items also perfect for a climate controlled storage facilityt:

  • Artwork: Paintings and fabric-based pieces need to be maintained at 50% relative humidity.
  • Special Collections: These include stamps, comic books, vinyl records, and more. To learn more about storing special collections, check out our blog post, “Storing Your Collection Properly
  • Musical Instruments: Especially for woodwinds, stings, brass, and percussion.

Learn More About Military Storage Units with Climate Control

The time leading up to a deployment is already stressful enough. Don’t let worries about your belongings add to it; choose a climate controlled storage facility instead. The little bit of additional cost is well worth the peace of mind, and don’t forget that your first month of rent is free on many units. At StorageMart, we appreciate the men and women of the armed forces and we’re dedicated to providing easy, clean, friendly self storage solutions you can trust. Learn more about self storage units with climate control or find a unit near you today.