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How to Decorate a Home in Art Deco Style

Imagine clinking champagne glasses on the top of the Chrysler Building in New York City.

That scene is the embodiment of the art deco style, which came into vogue during the golden industrial age of the 1920s and became synonymous with luxury. It’s all about gold, silver, chrome, and other reflective surfaces. Exotic animal prints and rich leathers. Geometric shapes, chevron, and sunbursts.

Art deco style is, above all else, glamorous and fun.

It’s easy to incorporate elements of art deco into your own home. Here’s how to add a touch of 1920s style to your space.

Add Interesting and Exotic Prints, Textures, and Woods

The world was everyone’s oyster in the 1920s and it was reflected in décor that showed a sense of adventure. African and Egyptian motifs, animal prints, and exotic woods were common style elements.

Even something as simple as a zebra-print ottoman can change the feel of a whole room.

Opt for Sleek Materials Like Chrome, Gold, and Steel

Anything new was considered better in the early 20th century, including bobbed hair, fringed dresses, and shiny metals.

Think back to the Chrysler Building—that 77-story tribute to progress that Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier referred to as “hot Jazz in stone and steel.”

Now imagine the spirit behind the building transferred to home décor. The result is furnishings crafted from shiny metals with interesting shapes.

Go Big with Color and Geometric Shapes

If you like the look of a beige sofa against pale blue walls, with maybe a pleasant landscape painting above the hearth, then art deco might not be for you. This style is all about being bold—and using contrasting colors and geometric shapes to accomplish that.

Imagine stark white walls with a black-and-white checkerboard rug and abstract art in shades of royal blue and fuchsia. That’s art deco.

More Mirrors!

Maybe it was how fabulous everyone looked during the Roaring Twenties, but mirrors are a major part of this decorating style.

You might place a chrome mirror above a sleek mahogany console table with inlaid wood. Mirrored panels might occupy the entire wall of a dining room. And mirrors aren’t just for walls. A mirrored chest of drawers adds glamor to the bedroom while a mirrored cocktail table turns an ordinary evening into a scene out of “The Great Gatsby.”

Art Deco Style on a Budget

Esty is a great resource for finding both vintage and new art deco décor. Wayfair also offers a large assortment of new accessories and furnishings that are designed to evoke the feeling of the art deco era.

Looking for the real thing? Check out eBay, Craigslist and Ruby Lane.

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