Why Do I Still Have This?- Moving Diary of Heather

It is amazing when you look back at some of the things that you keep around in your life. Today I “explored” what I had saved in my storage unit. It was certainly a blast from the past.

Let me back up a second and tell you why I have a self storage unit, and why it will save my family’s sanity in the coming month. I decided to go back to school to finish my degree, and my sister was kind enough to let me stay in her spare room since she conveniently lives right down the street from a local university.

Moving from a fully furnished apartment into a single bedroom left me with a lot of extra stuff that I didn’t need at the moment. Dishes, kitchenware, boxes of stuff, pictures, furniture, and just random stuff that I had collected over the years all needed to find a new temporary home until I had my own place again.

Now that my degree is finished I am ready to move on to the next stage of my life and that means moving out of my sisters house. It is easier when everyone in the house is moving. Room by room can be packed up and everyone works around stacks of boxes. However, it is slightly different when just one person is moving out. Separating whose stuff is whose has so far not lead to an argument, but I am sure once we get down to who purchased what “chick flick” there may be mediation needed. I also want to try to keep life somewhat normal for her kids. They don’t need to get ready for school climbing over and under boxes. Which is why self storage is absolutely the solution that I needed.

I set out today after having my stuff in storage for three years to see exactly what I had in my unit and to organize it a little bit. Then over the next month I will add the rest of my stuff that I had been using up until this point. What I found was a few boxes of books, and boxes full of my past. It was funny to make discoveries about my own stuff just because I hadn’t seen it in so long.

Some of it was sentimental and some was just “stuff.”

Now that my storage unit is organized and the boxes all stacked up I can work on sorting and packing what I have at my sister’s house  and move boxes to my self storage unit as I go. That way when I move everything will be in one place and my sister’s family will not have a month of climbing over my boxes.

My next step is to start packing and sorting. Determine what I want to take, what I want to throw away, and what can be sold or donated. Now how do I decide what to do with this guy?