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10 Tasks to Complete Before Moving Day

Across country or across town, moving can be a stressful, complicated process without some proper planning. Avoid any hiccups by following this checklist to ensure you get all the essentials taken care of before moving day.

1. Sort Through Your Stuff

There’s no need to move stuff you don’t want or need. Instead of packing everything in your home, separate the things you want to keep from the things that can go. Host a yard sale to earn a little extra moving cash, or make a tax deductible donation to a charity or thrift store to get rid of unwanted items.

2. Pick Up Some Boxes

You have a couple of options when it comes to packing your stuff. The easiest route is to purchase boxes in the shapes and sizes you need. However, if you’re looking to save money, look for secondhand boxes. Grocery stores and recycling centers will likely have plenty of used boxes they can give you for free. You can also use any luggage or plastic containers you already have at home to stow stuff away.

3. Collect Packing Supplies

To ensure your household items make it to your destination safely, you’ll need some additional packing supplies, such as tape and cushioning materials. You can purchase bubble wrap or packing peanuts to snugly pack your breakables, but that can get expensive. You can also use your soft household items to help cushion. Try wrapping your valuables in T-shirts, newspapers, bed linens or towels.

4. Reserve a Moving Truck

First, you need to decide if you will hire professional movers or rent a truck and haul your belongings on your own. Once you’ve figured out what best fits your budget and needs, call at least three companies to get quotes on the price of a moving truck or service. Then pick the one that best fits your needs and make a reservation for your moving day.

5. Start Packing

Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. If you know several weeks in advance that you’re moving, start filling boxes with the things you won’t need before your move. Even spending an hour each day sorting your stuff and packing will make your move less stressful in the end. Also consider making dinner with food already in your pantry and fridge so you have less to worry about moving on the big day.

6. Change Your Address

Notify the post office, in person or online, of your new address and schedule a start date for your mail to be forwarded. You’ll also want to touch base with your bank and credit card companies. For a complete list of who to notify of your new address, check out this helpful list.

7. Disconnect Your Utilities

Before you move, call all of your utilities—water, gas and electricity—to schedule a stop service date. You’ll also want to cancel or transfer service for your phone, TV and Internet. The sooner you let these companies know the better as there may be specific rules or fees for rush disconnects.

8. Set Up New Utilities

A week or more before you move, call to schedule a start service date with the utilities in your new area. If you’re moving to an energy deregulated state  the process will be slightly different. Instead of calling the utility, you can sign up for natural gas and/or electric service from one of dozens of competing companies. You’ll need to spend some time shopping for the best deal.

9. Schedule Time Off

Your move might be more than you can tackle in a weekend. If you need a few days or weeks to trek across country and get settled, arrange to take time off work. Your move will be a lot less stressful if you’re not rushed.

10. Put Together a Moving Day Kit

Come moving day, you don’t want everything packed away in the truck. Keep a small bag or box handy that has all the essentials—snacks, water, first aid supplies, toilet paper and a change of clothes—just in case. There’s nothing worse than wasting 30 minutes of valuable moving time digging through boxes to remember where you packed your jacket

Whether moving day is in a few days, weeks, or even a few months, take a few minutes to set up a plan of attack and cross these important items off your to-do list. Keep in mind your local StorageMart offers a wide variety of moving and packing supplies as well as a friendly and clean place to store belongings during the transition or while you settle in. Find storage nearby in just a few minutes!