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How a First Box Can Help You Pack Efficiently for Moving Day

Moving is stressful with a lot to track, organize, and consider along the way. Between boxing up your life and making arrangements for moving, there are things that can be overlooked if you’re not paying attention. That’s why it’s important to know how to pack efficiently for your move, as proper preparation can help eliminate some chaos from the process.

Why Designate a First Box?

One tip that can come in handy for a smooth moving day is to set aside a “first box.” This box is marked as special and should be unpacked first or taken along in the car where it is easily accessible. Think of it as containing your “last on, first off” items when you’re loading and unloading the moving truck or van.

How Do You Pack a First Box?

What exactly are the contents of a first box? This special box contains some essential items that will likely be needed when you arrive at your new home or apartment. Some items we suggest you place in your first box include:

Toilet paper: Your friends helping you move will appreciate this, as well.
Hand soap: If you need the toilet paper, you’ll need this, too.
Toilet plunger: Because you just never know.
Band-Aids: If you smash your finger under the dresser while moving in, you’ve got coverage.
Phone and other essential chargers: Nothing is worse than having a dead phone while trying to coordinate movers and moving plans.
Cleaning supplies: People’s definitions of clean can vary greatly, and your new home may not be up to your standards before you unpack.
Shower supplies: You are going to want to shower after carrying a couch up three flights of stairs—just trust us on this one.
Other personal hygiene products: Don’t forget toothpaste, face cleanser, lotion, or whatever else you need for your nightly bedtime routine.
Snacks: In case the hunger pains start to set in.

How to Prioritize Which Boxes to Unpack First

Once you get to your new house or apartment, take your first box in with you and place it where it won’t become buried in the onslaught of boxes and furniture that will be coming into your hew home. Believe it or not, a first box can save you quite a few headaches and make the first hours of your move run much smoother.

If you know the layout of your new place, label boxes with the room or area they will be unpacked, not necessarily where they used to be. This makes moving in less daunting and more efficient. You can also label your boxes with a number that indicates their unpacking priority. For instance, you could write “1” or “A” on boxes with the most important inventory that you’ll need within the first days after move-in—such as toiletries and pillows.

StorageMart Can Help Facilitate a Stress-Free Moving Day

From tips for packing your storage unit to the packing and moving supplies themselves, StorageMart works to provide you with all the resources you need for a seamless moving experience. Moving out of your home and into a storage unit in the same breath can be a whirlwind, and being prepared beforehand is key to a successful day. Luckily, our self storage size guide helps ensure you have enough storage space before you get to the facility. If you’re making a move soon, find a storage unit fit for your needs and reserve online today!

Updated July 21, 2020