Moving and the First Box

Moving is stressful and there are a wide array of things to think about, to track, and to consider along the way. Between boxing up your life and making arrangements for moving there are things that can go unnoticed if attention to details is overlooked.

One tip that can come in handy to make the day of the move run smooth is to have a “first box.” This box is marked special and should be packed where it is unpacked first or taken along in the car where it is easily accessible.

So what is the first box? This special box contains some essential items that will be crucial when you arrive at your new home or apartment. Here are a few items that we suggest you place in your first box:

  • Toilet paper -your friends helping you move will appreciate this as well
  • Hand soap
  • Toilet plunger -you never know when this becomes a necessity
  • Band-Aids -because when you smash your finger under your dresser you’re going to need one!
  • Cleaning supplies -people’s definition of clean can vary greatly and your new house may not be up to your standards and you may want to clean up before unpacking.
  • Shower supplies -you are going to want to shower after carrying a couch up three flights of stairs.
  • Phone and other essential chargers- there is nothing that is worse than having a dead phone while trying to coordinate movers.

Once you get to your new home or apartment take your first box in with you and put it where it will not become lost in the onslaught of boxes and furniture that will be moving into your hew home. First box can save you quite a few headaches and make the first hours of your move run much smoother.