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How to Protect Your Car in Winter

If you’re over 40, you remember the days of rusted cars.

All that snow, salt, and grime took its toll on your vehicle. And, once that dreaded rust crept it, you were left to sand, prime, and paint. From there on, it was a never-ending battle against the rust.

Those days are long gone thanks to advances in paint and steel technology, but there are still basic things that should be done to take care of your car in the colder months.

How to Protect Car from Snow and Salt

Check your car’s splashguards to make sure they’re still in place and in one piece (they can easily break off). These are important because they prevent winter’s slush from getting into the engine compartment.

But splashguards can only go so far in protecting your car. If salt has been dumped on the roads where you live, then it’s also on your car. And salt is abrasive. If you’re washing your car yourself, don’t try to rub the salt off. Instead, thoroughly rinse your car off before you use a rag or sponge to apply soap.

If you’re taking your car to an automatic car wash, opt for the touchless kind so that salt from other vehicles won’t be transferred to yours.

More Winter Car Care Tips

• Out of washer fluid? Don’t be tempted to use water instead. It can freeze and damage your car’s washer fluid system.
• Change your wiper blades. Most experts suggest doing so twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. If you hear your blades making a squeaking sound or if they smudge your windshield, then you know it’s time for a new pair.
• What’s the number one reason your car fails you on the coldest mornings? A dead battery. Have a volt test performed to make sure that yours is good enough to get you to spring.
Tire pressure is another thing that takes a hit when temps drop, which is a problem as cars don’t handle as well when that happens. The good news is that this is easy to check—and correct—at the air pump station you’ll find at most gas stations. While you’re at it, check the tread to make sure your tires are still able to handle snowy conditions.
• Swap out your floormats for rubber versions, which can be easily hosed off and cleaned.

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