The Second Annual Key West Yoga & Wellness Fest

Yoga at your neighborhood studio is great, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Show up for this four-day festival (held April 4-7 in Key West) and you’ll be able to downward dog with more than a dozen of the country’s most-respected and celebrated instructors, including these headliners:

• Dawn Bianca Feinberg is widely recognized as one of the most charismatic yoga teachers in South Florida. Her classes are shaped by her warmth and love for movement.

• Raghunath Cappo refers to himself as a “servant to the servants” and “harmonium hugger.” He’s also a father of five, ex-punk and ex-monk who delights in taking esoteric yoga philosophy and making it understandable and practical in today’s world.

• DJ Drez and Marti Nikko work as a duo to create an organic blend of music and movement. The result is half dance party and half group meditation—and nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before in or out of the yoga studio.

The Setting

You’ll be practicing in places that are breath-takingly beautiful, including:

• Higgs Beach
• Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory
• The Green Pineapple Wellness Center
• The lush gardens of the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, and, lastly,
• The Southernmost House, a restored Victorian Mansion at the water’s edge

It’s not just yoga that you’ll have to look forward to, either. You can pamper yourself with a mini spa treatment, learn to make your own mala or prayer flag in one of our workshops, or experience an energy healing session.

You can also wander the streets of Key West, shop, or relax in the shady poolside cabana and nibble on delicious, nutritious treats prepared by gourmet chefs.

The Details

You can purchase a VIP Package for $250 that gives you access to all of the festival’s activities or purchase tickets a la carte for the specific yoga sessions you’re interested in.

You’ll book your hotel room on your own, which allows you to choose from all of Key West’s many accommodations.

Zen and StorageMart

You might not think that self storage and yoga have a lot in common, but think again. We’re all about the Zen of living your best life in a clean and clutter-free environment, allowing you the mental and physical room to do your practice. Get your yoga on in Key West! Namaste.