You Need a Little Storage Nearby so Your Dreams Can Come True!

Mary D. is a fifth-grade teacher and a legend at her school where her students adore her. She’s at school by 7:30 a.m. and often not home until 6:30 p.m. After dinner, she starts her “second shift,” grading papers in an oversized chair, her legs on an ottoman that’s covered with tests and quizzes.

Alas! One evening she noticed her beloved chair sagging a bit and the thought dawned on her that this chair was a little degrading – perhaps it was time to find a replacement?

She anticipated poring over Craigslist for months for just the right deal but her search was over in minutes – she found a reclining, leather loveseat! It was in great shape and priced to sell. The only problem was she didn’t have enough room for the new and the old furniture. Her son could use another chair in his new home, but he couldn’t pick it up for two weeks. What to do?

Fortunately, Mary is a StorageMart customer. She bought the loveseat, had her husband borrow a pickup truck to deliver the new loveseat home and store her old chair and ottoman in her storage nearby until her son could pick them up. Problem solved!

Having a little self storage can always be helpful, whether you are storing some childhood toys, holiday decorations or extra furniture. Without an attic or basement, Mary enjoys having some storage nearby where she can store odds and ends easily, just a few minutes away from home. She’s really grateful for her self storage unit as she sinks into the comfortable love seat, papers on one side of her, some popcorn to her right and a red pen in her hand!

But with summer just around the corner, she’ll have a month or two to lean back and enjoy some movies before the school year begins…again.