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3 Remodeling Ideas for Empty Nesters

Remodeling an Empty Nest

Empty nest syndrome is the feeling that some parents get once their kids leave home. With no one to cart to hockey practice and no parent-teacher conferences to attend, life suddenly feels a lot more, well, empty. All the free time that parents thought they were looking forward to can start to hang pretty heavily over each day.

One of the best ways to handle empty nest syndrome is to get involved in a new project. This can mean adopting a pet or taking up a new hobby. Activities like leash-training a puppy or learning to work with oil paints occupy a lot of time and require a lot of attention. However, it’s possible that the most time-honored way to handle empty nest syndrome is to renovate the home.

What to do with an Empty Room

Once the kids leave home, there are plenty of opportunities to make the home a more grown-up space. In this article, we’ll share three of our favorite ideas for remodeling that kid-centric room to a more satisfying space you’ll enjoy for years to come. Let’s get started!

Focus on Your Furnishings

Many families opt for durable, sturdy, stain-proof furnishings, particularly when their children are young. But, an empty nest is a nest that’s ready for a more sophisticated makeover. With the kids gone, the home can become a more grown-up space. Empty nesters often add touches like wine racks, antiques and other stylish touches. In other words, this is your opportunity to make sure your home reflects your own unique style.

But, don’t rush out to the store just yet. Do you have any cherished belongings in storage that you could use to reinvigorate your place right now? This could be the perfect time to reconnect with your former self or rediscover who that person is today.

Lights, Cameras, Action!

Let’s say you’ve got a larger space like a basement or a dedicated playroom. This could be a chance to bring the big-screen movie experience back home. For help getting started, don’t miss our article: 4 Tips to Transform Your Basement into a Home Theater. Or maybe you want to turn this into the Sports Entertainment Room of your dreams, we have handy tips for that too!

Let’s Get Crafty

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large space to repurpose. If you’ve only got a vacant bedroom or two to work with, consider converting it into a more useful crafting space or even a home office. Need some ideas for inspiration? Check out these Overlooked Home Office Renovation Tips. And remember, you can always add a futon, so the kids have a place to stay when they visit.

Storage Can Help

Of course, no one wants to get rid of the memories. A storage space allows empty nesters to preserve the objects that have sentimental value. Child-sized furnishings can often be used when grandchildren arrive. For some couples, a storage space may be a temporary measure. Often during an in-depth remodel, it’s necessary to move some things out of the house during construction and painting. A small storage space can be a great investment when empty nesters decide to refresh their homes.

For more great home improvement ideas for empty nesters and others, StorageMart has you covered.