Simple Steps to Effectively Baby Proof the Living Room

Your living room seems like a pretty cozy and comfortable place, right? Now imagine it from the perspective of a new walker. From the floodlamp to the fireplace, it may seem a bit more perilous. That’s not even to mention all of the electrical outlets.

Luckily, taking steps toward baby proofing your living room is easier than you think.

How to Baby Proof Furniture in Your Living Room

When it come time to baby proof your living room, experts recommend that you actually get on your hands and knees and take a look around. Here are a few things to get you started:

• Electrical outlets. Each one should be covered. You’ll also want to secure electric cords so that your baby can’t pull on it.
• Secure bookcases and tall furniture to the wall.
• If you have hardwood or tile floors, consider putting down an area rug.
• Make sure that there are no cords hanging down from your blinds.
• Put childproof locks on any cabinet doors or drawers.
• If you have older children, don’t allow any toys with small parts to be left out as they’re choking hazards.
• If the room has a door to the outside, make sure your toddler can’t open it.
• Put a guard around your fireplace, space heater, or radiator.
• Place breakable items on high shelves.
• Make sure any potted plants are out of reach.

How to Baby Proof Furniture Corners in Your Living Room

The corners of end tables and coffee tables can be just the right height to put a gash in your toddler’s forehead. Placing unnecessary items in self storage is always a practical and convenient option for homeowners, but if the items are necessary, you can apply corner covers to protect any potential injuries when baby proofing furniture.

A third option, which also works for baby proofing furniture corners (and fireplaces) is to pick up some plumbing foam pipe insulation and duct tape and get to work.

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