Charity Spotlight: Rescue City

Every year, through our Store it Forward program, we donate storage to local charities in the communities we call home. One of the charities we partner with at our Wallabout location in Brooklyn is Rescue City, a Brooklyn-based organization dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected dogs and connecting them with loving families. I started my week with an updated from Rescue City in my inbox, and the story they shared with me brought such a smile to my face, I immediately asked if I could share it with you. Because puppies.

Here’s what they had to say:

Less than two months ago we were called by a partner shelter to help rescue a group of adult dogs from a horrific hoarding situation in Kentucky. More than 80 dogs were being kept all over one family’s property, some in crowded cages, others roaming a dilapidated barn. They were emaciated, covered in their own feces, and terrified of human contact. Rescue City was able to take in 10 adult dogs, while other rescue groups in the area were able to rescue the remaining dogs.

Shortly thereafter, we got another call to help a litter of puppies that were dumped in Livingston, Texas. The puppies were outside in the Texas heat and humidity, dirty, and flea-infested. We loaded them into crates (whoever came up with the phrase “herding cats” should really try herding puppies…) and were about to leave when we met Emmy, a gentle pocket pittie! As a super friendly 9 month old pup who had also been found as a stray, Emmy was being fed by a local family. We knew we couldn’t leave her behind so we immediately shifted our crates and got Emmy into the car too! That night, they each received a much needed bath and were able to sleep comfortably, out of the heat, in their Austin foster homes before heading to the Big Apple!

And what a difference a couple of months can make… The Kentucky and Texas pups have all made amazing progress and their personalities are truly beginning to shine. When rescuing dogs from such horrible conditions, it is always difficult to predict how quickly they will be able to adapt to a “normal” life, but we are happy to let you know that all of the Texas puppies and almost all of the Kentucky dogs have found their forever homes. Copper, our last Kentucky dog, was the most shut down (see videos on our Instagram) but is improving everyday in a wonderful foster-to-adopt placement and we have our fingers crossed for him! These dogs began their lives in unimaginable circumstances, but now they will only go on to know love, care, and comfort with their forever families.

If you want to help Rescue City raise money for a rescue van and expand their rescue efforts in Texas, check out their Amazon Wishlist and Strut Your Mutt fundraiser!