College Student Storage Makes Your Dorm Room As Big As Your Life

College life is filled with big changes. You’re on your own, charting your own destiny for your career and social life. Fame and fortune are just a few years away with every test you ace. At the end of another day of arduous adventure in academia, you walk across campus to your…

Noun 1. dorm room. A room providing sleeping quarters for a number of persons.

It’s a small room you probably share with someone else. There’s enough room to sleep, but very little space to call your own when you and your roommate’s belongings are shoved in every corner of your room. Are there any good answers to your storage problem? Which solution do you prefer, “A” or “B”?

A. Stop struggling for space and live an abridged version of your life by leaving your belongings at home.

B. Continue to fight for every square inch of storage with your roommate.

College students, savvy in their understanding of multiple-choice tests, know that the right answer is often “C.”

C. College student storage units

Cliff notes would tell you it’s easier to relax and more enjoyable to live in a small room when it doesn’t compete as a closet. There are several advantages to renting a small self storage unit at college:

1. You can have access to all of your clothes, not just your seasonal ones. Life moves fast on campus and you never know when you’ll need long underwear or swimsuits out of season. Don’t leave your clothes where you can’t wear them.

2. No matter how good an athlete you are, you don’t want to turn your bedroom into a locker room. Store your skis and golf clubs to make more room to relax after a long session at the library.

3. When you have to move out of your dorm room at the end of the year, why bring your chair, bookcase, bike, rug, and dorm fridge back home again and move it back a few months later? With college student storage just a few minutes off-campus, you’ll be able to move your things back in easier in the fall semester.

4. Studying abroad for a semester? See #3.

Units vary in size and 5×5 units are popular with students. You might get more space and cut costs by sharing a storage unit with a few friends. Don’t let cramped quarters put a damper on your college days!