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A College Student’s Guide to Travel

Why Should College Students Travel?

College life is busy, but it’s also one of the best times you’ll have to travel. You can learn a lot about yourself and see the world from a new perspective away from campus life. Check out some of the most popular college travel options so you can start planning your epic excursion.

Summer Travel Jobs for College Students

You’re game for a summer adventure on new shores. But how can you pay for it? Summer travel jobs for college students are very popular. Seasonal opportunities lean towards hospitality and tourism, but with some searching you can find jobs that fit your skillset. Here’s some examples of top summer travel roles:

  • Summer Cruise Staff (Caribbean, European, and state-side Alaskan cruises are big during summer months)
  • Au Pair (fluency in host country is plus)
  • Resort Worker (from lifeguarding to bartending to front-end service)
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language aka TEFL programs (sought after in countries across Asia and the Middle East)
  • Tour Guide or Camp Counselor

Study Abroad with College Traveling Programs

Choosing a study abroad program is another common pick for college travel. Imagine learning art history and then going to the Louvre or studying Edo period architecture at Shinto shrine in Japan. It does not get more once-in-a-lifetime than that.

So, how do you find travel programs for college students? Start a conversation with your university’s study abroad office to see what programs are available. Your school’s representatives can explain offerings by semester, how to transfer course credits, financial aid availability, and connect you with peers to get their firsthand perspective. The cost of studying abroad can be steep, so make sure to watch out for scholarship opportunities and plan out a budget so you are not overwhelmed by the $$$.

Take a Gap Year to Travel Somewhere New

Another way to travel is the classic gap year adventure. Taking a gap year gives you more freedom than committing to study abroad or a work program that locks you into one destination. The independence is all yours. It also means you are planning everything without the security of stipends, scholarships, or other financial aids.

Because it’s all on you, be smart about where and how you choose to travel. Picking the best places for college students to travel depends on several factors. What activities are there, could you get gig work, and is there accessible public transportation? Are you travelling alone, or will you connect with a group? You also need to think about safe and affordable lodging options (hostels will be your best friend).

For logistics’ sake, plan and book as much as you can ahead of time. Secure visas, passports, vaccinations, and flights early. Plan for cell data fees, set budgets for each leg of your travel, and know exchange rates of your destinations. Really do your research, the worst thing you can do is under plan.

Using Self Storage to Travel Lightly as a College Student

If you have a friend or a family member who can hold onto your stuff while you’re away, you won’t have to worry about bringing it all with you. If you know someone like this, now might be a good time to be extra nice to them!

But if not, renting a self storage unit is a great option during your travels. Self storage units are safe and secure, and they come in a wide range of sizes so it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your next adventure. Check out our Self Storage Calculator for help choosing a unit and rent online when you’re ready to get our lowest prices. Happy travels!