Decorate Your Dorm on a Dime

How to Decorate Your Dorm Without Breaking the Bank

Rearrange Furniture

Before you start decorating your dorm room, rearrange the dorm room furniture. Move things around to maximize space and make it easy to move about the room. Nothing puts a damper on your day like tripping over misplaced furniture. If your furniture still doesn’t fit after rearranging it, you might want to store some of it.

Colorful Tapestry

If you’re searching for dorm decorating tips, this is one not to miss. Since the walls are probably white in your dorm, cover them up. A tapestry can add a splash of color to a plain wall.

Throw Pillows

Who says pillows have to cost a fortune? Hands down, inexpensive throw pillows are a great way to add character without spending a fortune. Comfy throw pillows should definitely be at the top of your college dorm checklist.

Space-Saving Organizers

In addition to must-have dorm décor such as throw pillows, space-saving organizers in a dorm room are important. Especially if you’re sharing the space, it is useful to have multifunctional organizing pieces able to house everything from pens and pencils to hair care products. If you simply can’t find a way to store everything in your dorm room, the next best thing is a small self storage unit, like the ones at StorageMart. Our units can easily house your dorm room items.

Storage Solutions

Living in a dorm room presents you with two options: downsize or find ways to store your belongings creatively. Tall bookshelves add a dramatic effect while the space under your bed is the perfect place to store seasonal items like winter coats, boots, and sweaters. To begin with, it’s a good idea to carefully consider what to take to uni.

Window Treatments

Dressing up your windows should sit high on your dorm decorating checklist. You can use textured fabric looped over a rod attached to the ceiling to create the illusion of depth. Just secure the window treatments in place with a loop of leather cording.

Plush Rug

If your floors look a little bare, show them some love, too. An area rug is the perfect quick fix for unappealing floors. There are many options to choose from, so look for rugs to enhance your wall decor and bedding.

Go Green

Adding plants in any room, particularly a dorm room, can make it feel more alive. Simple green, leafy plants or succulents last longer than cut flowers. In addition, the design of a single leaf plant has more of a striking effect. You can opt for a single palm leaf or ivy in a vase.

It’s simple, yet it has a modern appeal. If you have minimal window space, you can grow a small herb garden on your windowsill to add a little spice to your room and your recipes. Plants are definitely must-have dorm decor!

Spice Up Drab Furniture

Dorm room furniture can be pretty basic, so it’s important to find affordable ways to spruce things up a bit. Removable wallpaper works well to cover coffee tabletops, storage containers, and even the front of dresser drawers needing a little oomph.

Frame Wall Art

If expensive artwork is out of your dorm decor budget, which is a given as a college student, you can decorate your walls. Use attractive frames to highlight photos of friends, or use cut pieces of cut paper. You’d be surprised how imaginative you can be when on a budget.

Thrift Store Finds

Room decor ideas don’t have to cost a fortune. Local thrift shops are treasure troves for students cutting corners. From terra cotta planters to shelving, the possibilities are limitless.

Bring Pieces From Home

Some of the best dorm room ideas don’t have to cost anything. Save tons of money and bring pieces from home. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all it takes to restyle an old dresser or end table you grew up with.

Make Your Bed a Loft

Even the smallest spaces can be transformed into a cozy study and sleeping space. Lofting your bed immediately doubles your space, which is crucial when living in a dorm. You can add a futon or arrange your desk with extra storage. In addition, the space under your lofted bed is a great place to show off your wall art.

If You Can’t Loft, Lift

If lofting your bed is out of the question, you can still lift it to add an area of storage. Use bed risers to give yourself a couple of extra inches of space to stash items you don’t need on hand.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you’re a DIYer, you can repurpose drawers from an old dresser with wheels and slide them under the bed. This gives you easy access to everything without having to search for things you’re storing for the next season. Creative dorm decor ideas are usually the ones you create on your own.

Don’t Forget the Textiles

If your bedding has looked the same since you were a teen, now’s the time to shake things up a bit. Especially when looking for room decor ideas on a shoestring budget, colorful patterns on sheets, pillows, and rugs add a pop of color and personality to your small space.

Double Your Closet Space

The only thing smaller than a college dorm room is the area that’s supposed to function as a closet. To make the most out of the space, use your inner creativity. Invest in over-the-door shoe hangers or a multilevel shoe rack. You can also install tension rods to hang your clothes. Hanging sweater bags is another great way to store all of your winter clothes in one place.

The Takeaway

Dorm life isn’t always easy, but it is doable. The key to finding happiness and not losing your mind from living in cramped quarters is just a little creativity. When decorating your dorm, make functionality and personality your top priorities. Most importantly, have fun when decorating, and let your style shine through.

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