How Do You Store a Couch?

Moving out and taking your sofa(s) with you is no easy task. It’s no secret why you’ll see couches and chairs left out on the sidewalk for anyone to take – they’re a massive hassle to move. Unless you have a few friends to help lift and the bed of a truck to use, follow some tips on how to safely get your sofa into storage. 

Firstly, make sure you have taken off all the legs attached to the couch, and any cushions that can be removed. This won’t make the couch much lighter, but it’ll be much easier to fit through doorways. Make sure to put the legs and screws into a bag or box as they can easily be lost – and don’t forget to label the contents so you can find them later.  

Before you move, it’s a good idea to clean your couch and the cushion covers so it does not accumulate dust and mold while it is sitting in storage. If your sofa is made of synthetic fiber, use a water-based cleaner. And for leather couches, just add some olive oil to a cloth and wipe it down. 

After cleaning, most people will hire movers to help or call over a friend with a truck. But, if you decide not to opt for professional help, and your friends are being lazy – there are ways to move it yourself. 

How to Move a Couch by Yourself

  1. Wrap it up: To protect your couch while moving, it’s best to wrap it up in a tarp or plastic moving wrap. This also makes it much easier to handle and pick up.
  2. Use floor sliders: As to not damage your floor while moving, use floor sliders under each of the four corners while you slide your sofa. If you don’t have access to floor sliders, use a blanket or two in the same way. 
  3. Furniture dollies: Similar to sliders, dollies are square, wooden platforms with wheels underneath. You will need to use two for each side, lift the couch and safely place them underneath. 
  4. Plan your route: Make sure to clear any objects in the path you are taking out of your home, and measure doorways to ensure you can make it through. 
  5. Choose the right vehicle: A SUV with the backseats down and most trucks will be able to carry couches. If your car can’t fit your sofa, consider renting a U-Haul or call a friend. 
  6. Be safe: Know your limits, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself so make sure to lift with your legs and core. Have a plan B in case you can’t move it yourself. 

Will My Couch be OK in Storage?

Once you arrive with your couch to a storage facility, many of our locations offer drive-up loading docks as well as dollies to easily load your furniture into your unit. 

Self-storage is the perfect option for stress-free storage of your sofa and other furniture while you move or de-clutter your home. Renting on a month-to-month basis means there’s no long-term obligations and you can store as long as you need.  

Many of our units offer climate-controlled storage, so the elements won’t warp or damage your furniture. In addition, you can rest assured that our clean, well-lit storage units are pest-free and secure. 

Check out our Self Storage Calculator to find the right sized unit for your couch and rent online today!