Ideas for Hosting the Best Holiday Party at Your Home

It’s your turn to host the annual holiday party and it has to be amazing. Last year’s party will be hard to surpass, but you can definitely do it. How you ask? We have a few ideas to help you host the best party of the season.

Pick Your Date

Selecting a good date is important. Get creative. Not every holiday party has to be the weekend before Christmas. You have the entire holiday season, use it.

Write Your Guest List

Writing a guest list is a great way to avoid overcrowding or under-filling your party. Be aware of how much space you have and how much food you can provide then choose how many guests you can have.

Get The Word Out Early

Let your guests know your date early. The holiday season is always busy and if you want people to come to your party you’ve got to let them know early so they can plan ahead.

Decide Your Party Style

Pick the party style you want then stick to it. Throw a classy cocktail style New Years party or a fun ugly sweater party. After you pick a theme, decide if it’s going to be a sit down dinner party or a fun and games party with snacks and activities. Once you’ve decided your party style, you are ready to set up your menu and environment.

Make a Menu

Having a menu ready before the day of the party will help reduce party day stress and give you the opportunity to be prepared. What you decide to serve will depend on your party style, but whatever you decide, there are ways to avoid breaking the bank while still impressing your guests. Presentation is everything in these situations. You don’t need caviar or expensive hor’dourves to have a fancy snack. Get raw vegetables and dip, place them in individual glass votive candleholders that people can pick up and carry while mingling and you’ve got a fancy, inexpensive snack. [Source: 5 Tips for Classy, Frugal Holiday Fun]Keep your menu simple and comfortable and you will be sure to impress your guests.

Another quick tip, make as much of the food in advance of your party day as you can. This will reduce the amount of work you have to do the day of and it will give you more time to enjoy your party.

Create the Best Environment

Every little detail matters when creating your desired party environment. From the way your house smells to the way you utilize lighting, you have the opportunity to give your guests a unique experience. Use simple decor to compliment your party theme. You can use everything from ornaments in a bowl to silver painted apples to decorate your home. Don’t overdo it though. Keep your decor proportionate to the room and utilize understated details. Your guests will notice the effortless style and appreciate your decorating prowess.

Keep Things Tidy

Clean bathrooms and entertainment spaces are a must when entertaining, but don’t stress too much over your whole house. Focus on the rooms your guests will be in so you don’t tax yourself unnecessarily.

Map Your Space

One of the reasons you created a guest list was to plan the amount of space you have for your guests. It is important to map out that space and remove any clutter or excess furniture so your guests don’t feel crowded. Consider moving any extra items to storage for the party so there’s plenty of room.

Ask For Help

This is a fantastic and the least used tip for holiday parties. As a host, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask your pinterest-aficionado friends to help you create your decorations or cook your snacks. This is the sure fire way to get things done without getting overwhelmed.

Have Fun

The one thing your guests will remember when your party is over is the way they felt. If you have fun with them, make them laugh, and play games alongside them, they will be impressed with your party and they will be excited to come over again next year.

Plan ahead, be prepared, and have fun. Your party will be amazing and you’ll have bragging rights amongst your friends all year long.