Local Heroes’ Stories

American Red Cross Heroes Dinner Recap

Last month, StorageMart was the presenting sponsor for the American Red Cross Annual Heroes Dinner, a fundraiser in Jefferson City, Missouri, to honor local heroes who have demonstrated extraordinary courage or kindness. Awards were given for the following categories: Charles Drew, Community Impact, Emergency Medical Assistance, Firefighter, Good Samaritan Adult, Good Samaritan Youth, Law Enforcement, Military, and Healthcare Professional. Our own Alex Burnam, a member of the StorageMart founding family, presented the award to the two Law Enforcement heroes.

Local Heroes’ Stories

The stories of these local heroes are worth sharing. Here are a few of our favorites.

Good Samaritan Youth – Hudson P.

Hudson hosted a lemonade stand at his house three different times to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims. He raised nearly $1,000. There was an individual within the community that matched his donation making it $2,000 that was raised in Hudson’s name. Hudson really enjoyed fundraising and raising money for the hurricane Harvey victims. He has received so much gratitude but he’s just happy that he was able to raise the money to help, even just the smallest bit. His mind is already turning to what his next fundraiser will be.

Good Samaritan Adult – Jason S.

On July 3rd Jason came up onto a wreck in progress. He saw a Jeep flying in the air as the wreck occurred and saw another vehicle spinning. When he saw the Jeep he knew it was Angie’s. Angie and Jason would meet each morning as they went to work and went to school together in California. When he came up onto the wreck Angie was trapped in the car. He ran around the Jeep to make sure it wasn’t on fire which it wasn’t so he decided to get into the vehicle with her and calm her down and keep her awake. She was passing in and out from the pain. He held her hand to calm her down, wiped the blood from her face and checked for cuts. She kept trying to move her legs but they were in such bad condition he told her to remain still. He remain with her until EMS arrived to cut her out of the vehicle. At that time EMS called for the helicopter. Jason stayed with her until the ambulance took her to the helipad to be loaded into the helicopter. He promised Angie that he would call her husband and tell him what happened, which he did.

Healthcare Professional – Ashley C.

Ashley was a nurse at the Women and Children’s Hospital when she assisted in the care of a little boy named Grayden. Grayden was born via emergency C-section due to an extreme deceleration of his heart. He had to be resuscitated after birth and began a long road of medical issues. He has gone through seizures, kidney failure, many other diagnoses, kidney removal and kidney organ donation. Grayden at just five years of age already had over 20 surgeries. Ashley was involved in his care from early on. She was the most loving nurse Grayden had. She would bring items in that no other nurse had offered to make him feel more comfortable. Her support to Grayden’s parents was unmatched. Even after many years Ashley continued to show her love and care for Grayden by coming to visit and bringing a gift only someone that has followed him closely would know that would mean so much to him and his family. Ashley is truly a blessing to patients and their families.

Law Enforcement – Sergeant MSHP Kurt M. and Sergeant MSHP Bryan S.

On April 30, 2017, at 1514 hours, Crawford County Central Communications dispatched all available units to a water rescue on the Meramec River, near Bird’s Nest Lodge. The call stated three people were in the water clinging to trees. Sergeant Kurt Merseal and Corporal Bryan Silverthorn responded to Bird’s Nest Lodge and launched a jet boat to look for the individuals. The flood water was extremely swift between the railroad bridge and Bird’s Nest Bridge. They docked the boat near the railroad bridge and crossed over the bridge on foot. Sergeant Merseal and Corporal Silverthorn located the subjects on the opposite side of the river. Two juvenile females and one adult male were clinging to trees approximately 45 feet from the shore. Corporal Silverthorn ran back to the boat and retrieved personal floatation devices. As Corporal Silverthorn was returning, one of the female juveniles screamed and began losing her grip on the tree. Sergeant Merseal rushed into the water and swam to her location, securing her before the flood water swept her away. Corporal Silverthorn entered the water and swam out with a life jacket and rope. He secured the rope to the tree where the other juvenile female was located and swam to the male. He then three the life jacket to Sergeant Merseal, who placed it on the juvenile female and secured her in it. Sergeant Merseal swam with the juvenile female and secured her on the shore, where her mother was waiting. Sergeant Merseal threw a life jacket into the water upstream from Corporal Silverthorn’s location. The life jacket floated to Corporal Silverthorn’s location, where he secured the male subject in it. Corporal Silverthorn swam with the male subject over to the tree where the other juvenile female was located. Sergeant Merseal swam to their location with another life jacket and secured the juvenile female in it. Sergeant Rob May and Sergeant Mike Mitchell arrived on scene and using the rope, pulled Sergeant Merseal and the juvenile female to shore. Sergeant Merseal swam back out to Corporal Silverthorn’s location, returning with the rope. Sergeant May and Sergeant Mitchell were then able to pull Corporal Silverthorn, Sergeant Merseal, and the remaining victim to shore.

StorageMart is proud to be a sponsor for the American Red Cross. We’re proud to support local charities and heroes, and give back to the communities that we’re a part of through our Store it Forward initiative.