Everything You Need to Know About Mattress Dimensions and Longevity

By Erin, Lifestyle Blogger at American Freight Furniture and Mattress

Have you ever purchased a mattress before? If you’re a first-time buyer, you need to know the similarities and differences among mattress dimensions to help you choose the best size for your needs.

In this post, we’re going to cover mattress dimensions, pros of each mattress size, mattress covers, and helpful storage tips. Let’s get started!

A Quick Mattress Dimensions Size Guide

Have you ever noticed there are two standard mattress lengths, but the width varies among different sizes? Here’s a breakdown of standard mattress sizes from smallest to largest:

Twin mattress: 39” x 75”
Twin XL mattress: 39” x 80”
Full mattress: 54” x 75”
Queen mattress: 60” x 80”
King mattress: 76” x 80”

Twin and Full mattresses are 75” long and Twin XL, Queen, and King mattresses are 80” long. Next up we’re going to give our top recommendations for mattress sizes based on different needs and preferences.

Try a Twin!

If you have a young child who has just outgrown their crib, a Twin mattress is a great choice for their first “big kid bed.” A standard Twin will also make a great fit for tweens and teens. If you’re an adult looking for a space-saving bed, a Twin is a solid choice if you’re under 5’8” tall.

Pros of a Twin XL

A Twin XL offers all the benefits of a traditional Twin with more leg room! It’s commonly found in college dorm rooms, but Twin XL is also an excellent mattress size for studio apartments. If you’re an adult on the taller side and don’t want or need a lot of sleeping space, the Twin XL could be perfect for you.

Is a Full Fit for You?

You might consider a Full mattress if you have a small or standard size bedroom. It’s the same length of a Twin mattress but a striking 15 inches wider. We highly recommend this mattress for adults who sleep alone or share their bed with a pet or two. If you and your partner don’t have a lot of space, a Full bed makes a very cozy bed for two.

Upgrade to a Queen

If you like to sleep like royalty, a Queen mattress is the top pick for you. This large mattress offers plenty of space for two adults and lots of pillows for optimal comfort. A Queen mattress is a great size for most Master Bedrooms.

Comfort is in a King

Sleeping on a King mattress will take your comfort to new heights. The incredibly spacious mattress is a whopping 76” wide and 80” tall. You can fit the whole family on a King mattress! If you have kids who occasionally crawl into your bed, or several pets who snuggle up with you, the King mattress might serve you best.

Simple Mattress Maintenance

Once you pick out a mattress that works for you, you need to know how to ensure it lasts. The best way to take care of the longevity of your mattress is to invest in a quality mattress cover. From waterproof to hypoallergenic, there are many mattress covers to fit your needs.

We recommend a total encasement mattress protector that zips all the way around the mattress. Not only will this protect the mattress from moisture and typical wear and tear, but it will also provide a barrier of protection against bed bugs. Simply unfold, fit, and zip it on and your mattress will be ready to go! Be sure to keep the mattress cover packaging for cleaning instructions just in case.

Store Your Mattress With Ease

If you need to put your mattress in a storage unit, you also need to know how to avoid moisture, dust, and bug problems. We recommend vacuuming your mattress thoroughly and wrapping it in a mattress protector then a plastic mattress bag. Be sure to seal the bag well.

For best mattress storage practices, place the mattress in a spare room or a temperature-controlled space. To retain the best shape, lay the mattress flat instead of propping it up against a wall.

If you must store the mattress in a self storage unit, garage, or basement, make sure the mattress is dry before you seal it. The smallest bit of moisture can lead to bacteria growth in your mattress which will smell awful and quickly become a hazard to your health.

When it’s time to pull your mattress out of storage, we recommend letting it air out for at least one day in a cool, dry environment.

For more information about mattresses, mattress dimensions and protectors, visit your local American Freight Furniture and Mattress.