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How to Spread Mulch Like a Pro

Mulch is the finishing touch on any yard. It creates the perfect backdrop to allow your flowers, shrubs, and trees to be the stars of the show. Mulch also protects your plants’ roots from the sun, prevents moisture from evaporating, and keeps weeds at bay.

However, it can be a bit of a project. Once that huge pile of mulch is dropped off at your driveway, you can pretty much kiss your weekend goodbye.

How to Spread Mulch Super Efficiently

There is a way around the big mulch dump. Buying bags of mulch, whether you have them delivered or pick them up at the store yourself, allows you to spread mulch on your own schedule. You can take as much or as little time as you like.

Some people find it easier to carry a bag of mulch to its destination and pour it into place. No shovel or wheelbarrow is needed for the process.

The disadvantage is buying bags of mulch can be slightly more expensive. If you have a huge yard, the price difference could really add up.

How Much Mulch Do You Need?

You’ll want to put about two inches of mulch down.

To figure out how much mulch you’ll need to do that, measure the total square footage of the area you’d like to mulch. Then multiply your total area by the depth you want your mulch to be. Finally, divide your answer by 324 (1 cubic yard of mulch covers 324 square feet at a depth of one inch.)

This online mulch calculator can help you figure out how many bags of mulch you’ll need for your project.

Summer and StorageMart

Keeping a nice yard can take up a lot of space. A lawnmower, wheelbarrow, weed trimmer, shovels, snow blower, rakes, tree trimmer, ladder, and hose. Once you add bikes into the mix, things can get really tight.

If you find yourself in need of space, consider self storage as a possible solution. At StorageMart, we offer self storage units that can be rented on a month-by-month basis. Check out our storage unit guide  to find the ideal place for your lawn and gardening equipment.

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