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Tips for Storing Your Gardening Equipment in Winter

How Should Garden Tools Be Stored?

As the days get shorter and the leaves start to turn, it marks the beginning of fall and the last couple months of gardening and yard work. Homeowners are putting down their last batch of mulch and fertilizer, mowing one more time, and starting to bag up leaves.  

When the ground starts to freeze and winter sets in, you’ll need somewhere to store all your gardening equipment, lawn mower, yard work tools, and other horticultural supplies. Garden tools need to be stored somewhere dry and organized. Instead of cluttering your garage or shed completely, consider renting self storage until spring rolls back around.  

Garden Tool Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

While most gardening tools do not take up much space, shovels, lawn mowers, rakes, and bags of mulch can quickly overwhelm your shed or garage, if you have one.  

For those with minimal area to store their equipment, your best bet is either to build a DIY shed or greenhouse or rent a storage unit. 

If building your own shed or purchasing one sounds like too much of a commitment for your horticultural equipment, renting self storage is almost the same as having a shed except it’s not in your own backyard. 

Garden Tool Organization

It’s easy to throw a bunch of shovels and rakes into a bin and stack bags of mulch and fertilizer, but it’s important to keep your small tools and seeds organized as they can be easily misplaced. 

While an attic can get extreme temperatures, it’s a fine place to store larger tools like shovels and weedwhackers. Another option is to clean out a closet, lay down some towels or a tarp and store your smaller tools and supplies.  

Self Storage for Gardening Equipment

Aside from finding a location in your home, self storage is another option, and you can use our Self Storage Calculator to see what size unit you’ll need. When choosing a particular self storage unit for storing your gardening equipment, you can choose a climate-controlled unit; or opt for a standard outdoor space. Find a convenient self storage location near you today!