StorageMart Helps the Red Cross Honor a Hero

We do a lot of different things in support of the American Red Cross of Central and Northern Missouri, but one of the most enjoyable is when we co-sponsor their annual Hero Awards.  The Hero Awards recognize individuals in Mid-Missouri who have gone above and beyond in supporting the Red Cross and its mission.

As a sponsor, we had the honor of giving out the Blood Services Award, created to recognize an individual for his/her efforts in supporting blood donation.  This year’s recipient was World War II veteran Bill Poore.

Mr. Poore was himself a donor to the Red Cross for decades, giving hundreds of units over that time span.  Each unit of blood can save up to three people, so it’s not a stretch to say there are hundreds of people alive today thanks to blood donated by Mr. Poore.

But his service to the Red Cross didn’t stop there.  Mr. Poore also volunteered as a driver for the Red Cross, helping to distribute donated blood to areas where it was needed.  He was also the main organizer behind blood drives at his church.

Sadly we never had the chance to meet Mr. Poore as he passed away late last year, but we were proud to recognize his years of service to the Red Cross and its mission by presenting his award to his wife and daughter.