StorageMart Presents Red Cross Blood Services Award

Jefferson City, Missouri – June 28, 2013 – StorageMart, a full-service storage company with more than 130 locations across the United States and Canada and the leading provider of self storage in Missouri, recently co-sponsored the annual Lifesaver Awards from the Heart of Missouri Chapter of the American Red Cross.

StorageMart presented the Blood Services Award to Steve Duncan of Jefferson City, MO, in recognition of his nearly 40 years of regular blood donation to the Red Cross.  Over that period of time, Mr. Duncan has donated 126 total units of blood.  Because blood donations are typically separated into different components, serving different specific needs, each donated unit is said to be capable of saving the lives of three people.  That means Mr. Duncan’s lifetime of donation has possibly saved as many as 378 human lives.

When asked about his many donations Mr. Duncan said, “I am not sure there is any single motivating factor  but there are several reasons I can share.  My parents, while their health permitted, donated blood and of course they encouraged their children to donate. Then, when I was in ROTC in college I was encouraged by the military cadre to donate. As I got a little older I knew of several people who needed surgeries and there were requests for blood donors.  In my parents’ later years, my Dad had several surgeries and my Mom’s last years she needed periodic blood transfusions. I have learned over the years just how important blood is when there is an accident or health issue and there is no other way to provide blood other than through blood donations.”

Sponsorship of the Lifesaver Awards is just part of StorageMart’s philanthropic program.  The company makes regular monetary donations via Charity Storage to non-profit organizations located in markets where they have a physical presence.  StorageMart has also contributed to public education via its “Draw My Favorite Teacher” and “ScholarSmarts Scholarship” programs.