Test and Turn with The American Red Cross

Preparing in advance for a disaster like a fire is crucial even though we don’t expect it to happen to us. At a moment’s notice things can turn on its head and you could be dealing with a serious situation and have very little time to react.

The American Red Cross recommends that everyone needs to check the batteries on their smoke alarm whenever the clock turns back for daylight saving time. Taking this small step is pivotal because a working fire alarm could give you the extra time that you need in order to keep your loved ones safe. Even though we never expect this type of disaster to happen to us, some aspects could be out of your control, and a fire could break out at any time. This is why American Red Cross also recommends that you talk regularly to your family members, especially your children, about a fire escape plan in case an emergency happens.

Check out more information about fire safety and what to do whenever a fire occurs in your home and many more helpful emergency tips at RedCross.org.

StorageMart supports The American Red Cross as part of our Store it Forward program. Through this charitable program we are able to offer discounted storage space to local charities and national partners like the Red Cross.