Store Your Party Supplies as Autumn Winds Down

Are you a party planning enthusiast? Maybe you don’t describe yourself in such formal, frilly terms, but many people do enjoy hosting dinner parties or at least small social gatherings. Autumn can be one of the most picturesque times of year for such gatherings, but with winter fully taking over in most places, it’s nearing the time when you’ll have to find a place to store your party supplies.

You may be sad to see the outdoor social scene end with the coming of the cold weather, but there’s still plenty of upcoming holidays to look forward to. There are probably a few items that you’ve been using since summer began that are now going to take up space and collect dust in your garage or attic, though; whether that’s your grill, outdoor canopies, patio furniture or other fair weather items, they will all simply clutter up your home during the offseason and make your life a lot more difficult. Be sure to store your party supplies someplace out of the way during extended periods of disuse.

However, instead of going through the tedious process of packing away all of these items in your home or that one remaining corner of your garage, consider renting a self storage unit for the winter. You can find these spaces in a variety of sizes to suit your budget, and they can typically be rented on a monthly basis without having to put down a deposit. This could make a huge difference in your budget and may give you the chance to find an even bigger space that could help you de-clutter your home.

When you’re at the self storage facility picking out a unit for your needs, it may be wise to opt for a climate-controlled unit. Humidity and excessive moisture that may be prevalent in outdoor units could cause mold and mildew to form on your seasonal items, leaving them worse for wear when the warm weather returns. Consider wrapping everything up in plastic wrap to prevent the buildup of these hazards and opt for an air conditioned space that will keep your belongings looking like new.

Best of all, if you’re renting a self storage unit to store your party supplies and decide to incorporate a few of them into your upcoming gatherings, self storage facilities have flexible hours that can work with your schedule. Often times, you will even be able to obtain 24 hour access to your unit, so you’ll never need to worry about being locked out of your stuff.