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Storing a Boat: Indoor vs. Outdoor

It’s Saturday afternoon and you’re sitting on the back porch with a group of friends. As you sip your iced tea, you’re transported to a time when you went fishing with the same group of friends. “I should go fishing more often. I’m going boat shopping tomorrow,” you say to yourself.

Everyone stops to look at you. You realize they heard. But, why not? Go get that boat and go fishing—frequently. Share good times with family and friends. But… where will you keep it?

The Benefits of Indoor Boat Storage

Many boats are built to withstand rough waters, steady downpours, and high winds. But that’s when they’re in use: it’s another matter entirely when you have to store your boat until the next adventure.

Outdoor storage presents a host of issues to your watercraft, especially over long periods. You will have to winterize the engine—a big job in itself—find a secure location away from other moored boats (or away from other hazards if stored out of water), and do whatever you can to mitigate algae damage.

Indoor storage instantly solves many of these issues. A secure, climate-controlled environment will keep your craft protected against the elements, algae-free, and safe from incidents, accidents, and even theft. It should even lower your boat insurance costs.

Things to Consider When Storing Your Boat Indoors

When it comes to choosing the right sized unit, remember that you will likely need to store more than just the boat itself. You will also need space for various components and accessories—some larger than others—as well as enough room to easily maneuver your boat in and out of its storage unit.

Consider location, too. Ideally, you will want to store your boat either in close proximity to your home or the body of water you visit the most. After all, fishing and other boating activities are most fun when they’re spontaneous. You don’t want to store your boat several hours away!

Finally, remember that at many storage facilities—including StorageMart—you will need to ensure that your watercraft is fully licensed, insured, currently registered, and in running order.

Indoor Boat Storage at StorageMart

Your boat should be a source of joy, not a cause for concern. Voyages are instantly more enjoyable when you know you can park your boat somewhere safe, secure, and temperate afterwards, behind a keypad gate.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at most StorageMart locations: drive-up storage units that are big enough for you to park your boat inside for days, weeks, or an entire season.

We also offer budget-friendly parking spaces for boats, campers, cars, trucks, and trailers too. Spaces are either on gravel or pavement, and some are covered.

Whether your storage needs are short-term or permanent, we’ve got you covered. Many of our customers have rented for several years before later upgrading to larger campers and faster boats.

So, if you want to get out and go boating and fishing more, don’t let storage hold you back. We’re here to keep your pride and joy safe and secure whenever it’s out of the water. Give us a call today and ask about sizes and pricing.