How to Store Halloween Decorations and Costumes the Right Way

Everybody loves Halloween—until it’s time to pack up all of the costumes and decorations and you’re trying to stuff five more boxes in your closet. That’s when things really get spooky.

Sure, you throw some more bags in the garage or the attic, but that might not be the smartest strategy—if you want to keep your items organized and in good condition.

Here’s how to store Halloween decorations and costumes the right way.

How to Store Halloween Decorations

It’s so tempting to just throw everything into bags or boxes, but the first rule of organized storage it that you only store what you really want to keep.

That means getting rid of things that are broken—or that you simply don’t like or use anymore.

The next step to store Halloween decorations is to take the time to separate items into groups. Store all outdoor lights, for example, in one clearly marked box. Tabletop decorations can go in another. You get the idea … just make sure that everything is clean when put away—and that all your boxes are clearly labeled.

How to Store Halloween Costumes

A Halloween costume certainly isn’t as important as a wedding dress. With that said, if you like a costume enough to keep it, then you probably want it to last—and remain in good condition.

In order to accomplish that, you need to make sure you know how to store that Halloween costume properly when you pack it away. Any stains will become locked in during storage, even if they weren’t visible when you first packed them up.

Next, you’ll want to avoid storing anything in plastic bags, which can trap moisture and lead to damage.

Your best bet? Sealed plastic boxes stored in a stable environment.

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